Want to Write for TheBodyPro?

We are always in need of highly skilled, knowledgeable writers to help us cover stories on HIV/AIDS and related issues. At the moment, we are looking for talented individuals who can write one or more of the following:

  1. Research briefs: Roughly 500 words summarizing the most important findings of new HIV-related research and other scientific developments.
  2. Reported science articles: An expanded (~800 words and up), more detailed examination of new research or other developments; includes background, context and quotes from one or more study authors and experts offering analysis of the clinical importance of the story.
  3. Op-eds: Personal perspectives on HIV-related clinical/research developments or the realities of working as a care provider involved in HIV prevention, treatment, research or policy. Word count will vary by assignment.
  4. In-depth feature reporting: Long-form articles, interview transcripts, videos or moderated roundtable discussions that deeply explore an HIV-related issue of significant clinical relevance or importance to the HIV care provider community. Includes significant background research and context, and usually requires skill with interview preparation, execution and transcription.

Pay rates per article will differ depending on the type and length of the piece.

If You're Interested

  1. Email with the subject title "Your Name: Freelance Writer."
  2. Please include a cover letter that lets us know what type of stories you're interested in writing for TheBodyPro, plus a little something about who you are, where your interests/strengths lie as a writer, and whether you have any knowledge of or background in HIV or science writing. (If you have a resume, feel free to provide it.)
  3. Sample clips or links to articles you've written are deeply encouraged (no more than three, please).
  4. Let us know the typical rates you charge for freelance writing, if any.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind

  1. We'll do our best to send you a confirmation email to let you know we've received your message. But due to the number of emails we receive and the small size of our team, we otherwise won't be able to reply to all freelance applications. We hope you understand; please don't write us more than once!
  2. Freelancing for TheBodyPro does not come with any assurances regarding the number of pieces you'll write or the frequency with which you'll write them. This may vary widely depending on our needs, your ability and your availability.

Thank you for interest in writing for us! We're eager to hear from you.