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Seven ID/HIV Things to Be Grateful for This Holiday Season, 2016 Edition

"The expression of gratitude is well known to make you happier," Paul Sax M.D. writes. "Plus, it's the season. So here's a brief list of things in our fascinating field to be grateful for as you get the turkey ready."

By Paul E. Sax, M.D. for NEJM Journal Watch

Do ID Clinicians Perpetuate Our Own Stigma?

"The stigma associated with Infectious Diseases is as much a part of the field as knowing why Pneumocystis carinii is now Pneumocystis jirovecii, and how to pronounce the drug class that includes linezolid and tedizolid," Paul Sax, M.D. writes....

By Paul E. Sax, M.D. for NEJM Journal Watch

It's Time to Start Thinking About Anal Sex as a Risk Factor for HIV In Women

A staggering 38% of new HIV infections among low-income women in the U.S. may be due to anal intercourse, which is poorly understood in women, according to a study presented at HIVR4P 2016.

By Sony Salzman

Advances in Research on HIV Prevention for Women

NIH's Carl Dieffenbach, Ph.D., discusses new findings from the ASPIRE study about the experiences of women who used a vaginal ring at the recent HIV Research for Prevention Conference in Chicago.


PrEP Popping Up in Guidelines: What to Do When It Happens to You

The third quarter of 2016 saw all sorts of language about oral PrEP appear in draft or finalized guidelines throughout east and southern Africa. Does all of this mean there's going to be more PrEP in sub-Saharan Africa in the near future? Not exactly...

By AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

Investment in HIV Prevention Research and Development

Funding for HIV prevention research and development is crucial for continued innovation in the field. Tracking this funding, its volume, direction and sources, makes it possible to identify opportunities and gaps, hold the global community accountabl...

By AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

Recognizing Collective Efforts, 85 Leaders From 19 Nations Receive 2016 Omololu Falobi HIV Prevention Advocacy Award

On 10th anniversary of Omololu Falobi's passing, the HIV award in his name celebrates the entire movement by acknowledging all advocates who were nominated, each of whom represents thousands of others.

By JD Davids

HIVR4P 2016: Circumcision Offers Major Contribution to Ending HIV Epidemic as a Public Health Threat

Kenya's medical circumcision program launched early with ambition, charting circumcisions performed for 1.3 million men by the end of 2015, leaving evaluators asking what is and what will be the impact of this HIV prevention intervention on the epide...

By Christine Lubinski for Science Speaks

A Burgeoning PrEP Pipeline: Dozens of New Drugs, Formulations and Delivery Options

"A clear highlight for HIVR4P 2016 was the unexpected volume of research into new molecules and formulations for PrEP," Simon Collins writes.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

Potential for EFdA as PrEP to Prevent HIV Transmission in Women and Their Infants

One of the most promising candidates for future PrEP is a small molecule, highly potent NRTI EFdA, for which limited data have been presented, mostly in animals. Simon Collins reports.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base