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AIDS Doctors Raise Concerns About Medicaid Expansion for HIV/AIDS Patients

AIDS doctors and researchers are worried that the current successful model of care for AIDS may be threatened by fiscal pressures as well as changes brought about by the health overhaul, according to a new paper released Friday that raises concerns a...

Inside the Activists' Summit: Empowering Women to Become Leaders in the HIV/AIDS Movement Img

Inside the Activists' Summit: Empowering Women to Become Leaders in the HIV/AIDS Movement

This week, an important meeting is taking place in Baton Rouge, La., to address the serious lack of input from, and leadership by, women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. We sat down with some of the central women behind this key gathering to talk...

Fear-Based Campaigns: The Way Forward or Backward? Img

Fear-Based Campaigns: The Way Forward or Backward?

A controversial HIV education campaign launched in New York City two years ago left many people wondering: Does fear-based HIV prevention have a place in our society? In this article from CATIE, Zak Knowles and Laurel Challacombe explore the question...

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Addressing the Gaping Hole in HIV Prevention: A Plea for Public Health Action -- A Blog Entry by Lisa Fitzpatrick, M.D., M.P.H.

The CDC has yet again released a report highlighting the growing HIV disparity in young, black men who have sex with men (MSM). Over a decade ago, similar attention was called to what then appeared to be a public health blemish in this population. Be...

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Continued Funding From All Countries Needed to Fight HIV/AIDS

"There is no doubt that" a 10 percent reduction in funding from donor governments for the AIDS response in low- and middle-income countries in 2010 from the previous year's levels "is linked to economic strain felt by countries across the globe," a V...

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CNN: Prevention the Key in New Push on HIV/AIDS

The CDC recently took major steps to reach those at greatest risk and bolster prevention efforts in communities where they are most needed with its latest HIV prevention funding opportunity for state and local health departments. ... But success agai...

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Testing, Linking, Retaining: An HIV Clinician's Perspective

Table of Contents

Introduction An Influx of New, Healthier HIV Patients Addressing System-Level Hurdles to Linkage and Retention Talking to Patients About Retention Working Toward a Seamless Continuum of Care References

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Opt-Out HIV Testing: Key Questions on Cost and Implementation

Table of Contents

Rationale for Opt-Out HIV Screening and Health System Impact Cost-Benefit and Legal Questions With Opt-Out HIV Testing Advice on Adopting Opt-Out HIV Screening References

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The Fair Pricing Coalition Expresses Dismay at the Price of Merck's Newly Approved Hepatitis C Drug

On May 13, 2011, the FDA approved Merck's Victrelis (boceprevir), the first new drug for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection to come to market in almost ten years. The United States Department of Health and Human Services estimates tha...

Major Opinion on Major HIV/AIDS Crisis Img

Major Opinion on Major HIV/AIDS Crisis

A recent New York Times op-ed piece did something very rare: It focused on the challenges faced by people within the U.S. in getting access to the HIV treatment they need. New blogger Elizabeth Lombino hails the thoughtful op-ed and shares the co...