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Top 10 HIV Clinical Developments of 2020

In this exclusive series of articles, David Alain Wohl, M.D., calls attention to 10 developments that have tremendous short-term implications for our day-to-day efforts to improve HIV prevention, treatment, patient care, and policy in the U.S., and analyzes each development with his trademark wit and clinical savvy.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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HIV in the Time of COVID-19

While we remain uncertain about the precise level of interaction (if any) between HIV and SARS-CoV-2 on a pathophysiological level, the pandemic’s disruption of HIV care is irrefutable.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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HIV PrEP Is Finally About to Get Its Shot

PrEP for HIV is a pill. It has always been a pill. But it will not always be a pill, thanks to two major trials evaluating cabotegravir, an integrase inhibitor formulated for intramuscular injection, as PrEP.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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PrEP and Prior Authorization: A Discriminatory Cheap Ploy

An important new analysis describes a key barrier to PrEP in the U.S., one that is almost sinister in its application predominantly in southern states.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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Mortality Is Way Down Among People With HIV in the U.S.

A new report from the CDC highlights encouraging trends in death rates among people with HIV in the U.S., and is explicit in associating them with strong and concerted public health interventions.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.

What Drives Lower Life Expectancy for People With HIV in the U.S.?

Given the decline in mortality among people living with HIV in the U.S., it’s no surprise that the difference in life expectancy between those with and without the virus is shrinking. But the disparities that remain are striking.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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Fostemsavir, at Last: A New Treatment Option for Extensive HIV Drug Resistance

Most people living with HIV will never need fostemsavir. But for those who do, the drug can be a life-saver—and that is pretty epic.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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Lenacapavir Is the Most Important HIV Antiretroviral You Won’t Find in PubMed

This year, we got exciting new data about an HIV drug in development that may become an every-six-month, self-administered antiretroviral injection. But we learned about it via press release, rather than carefully presented research.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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Neighborhood Is a Factor in Women’s HIV Viral Load During Pregnancy

A reasonably understandable initial response to this important study could be “WTF”—but the forces that conspire to harm people of color and people living in poverty are persistent and intransigent.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.
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Why Is Weight Gain Occurring Among Some People Who Start HIV Treatment?

Given the differences we’ve seen among disparate subgroups, it is highly likely that there are genetic influences on the amount of weight people gain on certain HIV therapies, argues David Wohl, M.D.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.