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What Does the HOPE Study Say About the Future of the Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention?

The results were less favorable than expected, but experts -- and women who participated in the trial -- would like to see this prevention tool approved for use.

A community health worker walks a couple through an HIV test in Malawi. Mostly men do not access these services. (Credit: Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation -- Malawi/Robbie Flick)

Dying From a Treatable Disease: HIV and the Men We Neglect

In eastern and southern Africa, the regions most affected by HIV, over 65% of men who are HIV positive have never started treatment. Why aren't men tested and treated for HIV?

3 in 5 Breastfeeding Women With High HIV Viral Loads Are Undiagnosed in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa Img

3 in 5 Breastfeeding Women With High HIV Viral Loads Are Undiagnosed in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa

A large proportion of pregnant and breastfeeding women with high viral load were undiagnosed in a study conducted in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. David Mamen from Médecins sans Frontières presented these findings at CROI 2015.

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Director of CDC-Malawi Reflects on Country's HIV Efforts

In a post in the CDC's "Our Global Voices" blog, Sundeep Gupta, the director of CDC-Malawi, reflects on HIV efforts in the country. Noting the CDC's partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Health -- which is "ensuring quality in our programming, keep...

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Marriage Is a Risk Factor for HIV Infection in Malawi

Researcher Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu reports that cultural norms in the southeast African country of Malawi result in increased HIV risk for married women. Approximately 12 percent of Malawi adults are HIV-infected; women become infected at a younger ag...

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Malawi Rules Out Circumcision for AIDS Prevention

The government of Malawi will not promote male circumcision to fight HIV because there is not enough evidence to show it protects against the virus, two officials said Wednesday. Mary Shaba, the principal secretary for HIV and AIDS, said there is no ...

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Bisexual Concurrency, Bisexual Partnerships, and HIV Among Southern African Men Who Have Sex With Men

Noting that the "sexual behavior of men who have sex with men (MSM) in southern Africa has been little studied," the authors presented the first data on bisexual partnerships and bisexual concurrency among MSM in Botswana, Malawi, and Namibia.

A str...

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Malawi, Tanzania: Cash Payments Reduce HIV Risk -- World Bank Studies

Cash incentives can encourage young people to stay in school and avoid unsafe sex, ultimately producing "significantly lower" rates of HIV, suggest two studies released Sunday at the 18th International AIDS Conference in Vienna.

"Programs like these...

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Malawi Facing Widespread Famine Because of HIV/AIDS Prevalence, Drought

Malawi is "teetering on the brink" of what could become by January a widespread famine, caused by the "lethal combination" of HIV/AIDS and drought, Toronto's Globe and Mail reports (Nolen, Globe and Mail, 10/18). Many people in Malawi survive on subs...