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No Evidence of Premature Aging Effect in HIV-Positive Patients

Similar to some other conditions including diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and rheumatoid arthritis, HIV-positive people are at higher risk of developing serious age-related co-morbidities including myocardial infarction and kidney and liver disease. It is...

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Reyataz and Kidney Stones

Reyataz, one of two preferred HIV protease inhibitor (PI) medications under U.S. treatment guidelines, is associated with the risk of kidney stones and other potential renal abnormalities. According to Japanese researchers, people taking Norvir-boost...

_HIV JournalView_: September 2012 Img

HIV JournalView: September 2012

We tell our patients that HIV has become like other chronic diseases -- and, largely, we believe it. These patients are aging along with us, and clinic visits have become more like routine checkups with continued praise for undetectable viral loads a...

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Proteinuria as a Potential Early Marker of Tenofovir-Related Renal Toxicity

Researchers from UCL reported on a ptoential early marker for tenofovir-associated renal toxicity.

Ana Milinkovic and colleagues from University College London, presented results from routine monitoring for tenofovir-related renal toxicity which sin...

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Associations Between Tenofovir Use and Renal Complications in VA Cohort

Tenofovir is one of the most widely used antiretrovirals and the association with a generally low risk of renal complications has been widely reported. However, there has been conflicting data on potential for renal complications with cumulative use ...

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Risk Factors Associated With End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in HIV-Positive Patients in the U.S. Veterans Association (VA) Cohort

An analysis of the risks associated with end stage renal disease (ESRD), defined as need for dialysis or transplant, in HIV positive patients who receive care from the Veterans Association (VA) in the U.S. was published in the May 2012 edition of the...

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Renal Impairment in the D:A:D Study

An analysis from the large prospective D:A:D cohort looked at patients with normal renal function at baseline and associations between renal changes and individual HIV drugs and changes in treatment, adjusting for renal and HIV related risk factors. ...

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HIV Drug Tied to Kidney Damage

Patients taking tenofovir to treat HIV infection increase their risk of kidney damage by up to 34 percent every year they take the drug, according to a new study by the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

The study involved 10,841 HIV-positive men and ...

Study Finds Increased Rate of Kidney Damage in People Living With Both HIV and Diabetes Img

Study Finds Increased Rate of Kidney Damage in People Living With Both HIV and Diabetes

According to a recent study, kidney damage is much more likely to occur in HIV-positive people who have diabetes than in people with HIV or diabetes alone. The finding provides an important new heads-up for HIVers and their health care providers on w...

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EuroSIDA Study Finds a Signal of Kidney Toxicity With Tenofovir or Atazanavir

The kidneys are a target of HIV infection. Long-term infection causes inflammation, which slowly degrades these organs.

The EuroSIDA dataset contains health-related information on almost 17,000 HIV-positive people from 35 countries. EuroSIDA can pro...