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NASW's "HIV/AIDS Spectrum Project" Supports the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The sun was gleaming on Miami's Biscayne Bay. Palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze and, in the distance, cruise ships were about to set sail for exotic ports. English, Spanish and a dozen other languages drifted through the air as happy people enjo...

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The AIDS Institute Praises Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Legislature for Taking Steps to Support AIDS Drug Assistance Program

Tampa, Fla. -- The AIDS Institute applauds Florida Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature for increasing state funding to the Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) as part of the 2012 state budget recently approved by the Legislature a...

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Florida's AIDS Drug Program Has the Longest Waiting List in the United States

Advocates are pressing Florida lawmakers to secure additional funding for the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program. As of Feb. 23, Florida's ADAP had 1,085 people on its waiting list, the most for any state ADAP in the nation, according to the National...

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Florida: Feds Step in to Fight Broward's Stubborn AIDS Epidemic

Federal officials are bringing additional resources to help Broward County boost HIV testing, prevention education, and treatment to address its stubborn HIV/AIDS epidemic. Federal and county health officials are meeting with local health, political,...

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HIV/AIDS Organization Spotlight: Care Resource in Florida

In our new HIV/AIDS Organization Spotlight series, we focus on some of the true unsung heroes of the HIV/AIDS community: the groups that support and provide services for people living with, or at risk for, HIV. This week, we turn our sights on Care R...

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Fair Pricing Coalition Brokers Rescue of Troubled ADAP

The Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) announced on February 1 that it has brokered agreements that will allow approximately 6,500 Floridians to continue to receive their HIV medications during a budget crisis in that state. Partners in the agreement inclu...

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Florida: Broward Health Department Turning Over HIV Care

On March 1, Broward County Health Department will privatize the provision of primary medical care, mental health care, and case counseling to uninsured HIV/AIDS patients.

According to officials, hundreds of health department patients whose care is p...

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AHF Will Supply $1 Million in Free AIDS Drugs to Florida Wait List Patients

Ft. Lauderdale -- As the State of Florida grapples with a budget shortfall that has crippled its AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and forced the state to potentially disenroll 350 Florida patients already on ADAP as well as place nearly 2,400 low-...

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Florida's AIDS Medication Program Feeling Strained

To cope with the longest waiting list for a state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) in the nation, Florida is turning to corporate donations and federal stop-gap measures.

"I really worry sometimes that it feels like we're going backwards," said A...

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Florida: 79 Veterans Administration Patients Never Learned of Colonoscopy Risks

Department of Veterans Affairs officials identified but failed to notify 79 patients who should have been included last year when the VA informed more than 2,400 Miami-area patients that improperly cleaned equipment put them at risk for hepatitis B, ...