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Bictegravir -- An Emerging Integrase Inhibitor

Bictegravir-containing regimens performed well over 48 weeks, with more than 90% of participants achieving a viral load less than 50 copies/mL.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Doravirine versus Darunavir

A recent clinical trial found that doravirine was roughly equivalent in potency to darunavir-based regimens.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

The Capsid Inhibitor -- A New Class to Enter Clinical Trials

A capsid inhibitor could affect three parts of HIV's life cycle and could be used by itself in the prevention of HIV infection. However, much work lies ahead before this drug's developer can be certain about that.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Implementation of a Rapid HIV Diagnostic and Referral Strategy

One study in Amsterdam deployed a strategy to identify acute HIV in men who have sex with men (MSM) and then link newly diagnosed individuals to care.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Using Electronic Medical Records to Help Place Patients in the HCV Care Cascade

What if an electronic medical record-based algorithm could make it easier and quicker to place individuals living with hepatitis C in the care cascade? That's exactly what one study is looking into, as it aims to help identify and get individuals wit...

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders and the Gut Microbiome

One study set out to evaluate the role that the microbiome plays in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. Terri Wilder, M.S.W., spoke with study author Josue Perez-Santiago, Ph.D., at CROI 2017.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Opt-Out HIV and HCV Testing at the Dallas County Jail

One study set out to examine how effective opt-out testing for HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) could be among individuals who entered the Dallas County jail.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

The Impact of HIV Health Literacy on Viral Suppression

One factor that could help determine whether a person achieves an undetectable viral load is their health literacy, which is the measure of personal engagement and ability to seek medical care.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Frame PrEP as Part of a 'Healthy Sex Life' for Better Adherence

Brief, empowering messaging around pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can lead to better medication adherence, new research has found.

By Emily Newman for BETA

Running a PrEP Clinic in a Community Pharmacy Setting

For one pharmacy in Seattle, the pharmacist plays multiple roles, doing everything from the HIV testing, to the patient education, to the prescribing of PrEP.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.