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China Approves Albuvirtide: A Once-Weekly Injectable Entry Inhibitor Img

China Approves Albuvirtide: A Once-Weekly Injectable Entry Inhibitor

On June 6, 2018, without news from the U.S. FDA, a press release from Frontier Biotech announced the approval of a new HIV drug in China that is given by once-weekly injection.

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Rise in HIV Identified Among Older Adults in China

This article was reported by Healio.

Healio reported that according to the Chinese National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, the number of adults ages 50 and older with HIV or AIDS in China has increased. The researchers reviewed data fro...

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Number of Reported HIV Cases in Hong Kong Increases Nine Percent

This article was reported by the South China Morning.

The South China Morning Post reported that new HIV diagnoses in Hong Kong rose to 559 cases in 2013 -- a 9-percent increase from 2012 -- continuing a three-year trend of record-breaking HIV incid...

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China Sees Rise in HIV Among Youth, MSM

"Two decades after tens of thousands -- some say hundreds of thousands -- of Chinese contracted HIV from contaminated blood products in an epidemic that raged in the 1990s, the major transmission route today is sex, according to Chinese media reports...

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China: Striking a Balance Helping Kids With HIV/AIDS

On June 3, the Shanghai government announced on the Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo that HIV-infected children with a permanent Shanghai residence permit (hukou) will be eligible for a $228.29 monthly subsidy in addition to back payments si...

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China: Canceling HIV Tests for Teachers Sparks Debate

Guangdong has become the first Chinese province to exempt teaching applicants from HIV testing, a move proposed by the nongovernmental organization Equity and Justice Initiative (EJI) in January. Guo Bin, EJI director, stated that the action sent a s...

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More HIV Cases Among Chinese Students

According to Yu Jingjin, director of the bureau of disease control and prevention under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, 1,700 Chinese students contracted the HIV virus in 2012. This was an increase of 24.5 percent from the previou...

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China's Health Ministry Orders Hospitals to Treat HIV Patients

"China's Health Ministry has banned hospitals from turning away patients infected with HIV/AIDS," the Associated Press/Fox News reports. "A circular issued by the ministry on Friday ordered health authorities at all level of government to guarantee t...

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Report: HIV Rises Sharply Among Chinese Senior Citizens

The China Daily newspaper has reported a spike in the number of older men in China diagnosed with HIV in recent years. The National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention statistics showed that in 2005, 483 men age 60 and older were diagnosed wit...

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Bisexual Behavior Among Chinese Young Migrant Men Who Have Sex With Men: Implications for HIV Prevention and Intervention

To assess bisexual behavior and associated sociodemographic and behavioral factors among young migrant Chinese men who have sex with men, data from 307 Beijing MSM were analyzed.

Twenty-seven percent of the MSM reported they also were concurrently i...