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This Week in HIV Research: Just a Text Away

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Woman hand holding phone with app messenger on the screen
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HIV Care Retention Improved by Texts, Stigma Support—But Not Email

Female Pediatrician Wearing Scrubs Listening To Girls Chest With Stethoscope
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Health of HIV-Exposed Children Should Be Monitored Into Adulthood, Findings Suggest

doctor using stethoscope to examine patient
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HIV May Accelerate Impact of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Cognitive Function

Prescription pills spilled out onto a night stand.
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Modern Hepatitis C Treatment Equally Effective in Coinfected vs. Monoinfected People, Delays Notwithstanding

Barbara Jungwirth

Barbara Jungwirth


Barbara Jungwirth is an experienced freelance journalist, writer, and translator who has been reporting on HIV for TheBody and TheBodyPro since 2002.

Myles Helfand

Myles Helfand


Myles Helfand is the executive editor and general manager of TheBody/TheBodyPro.