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This Week in HIV Research: The PrEP Sex/Race Gap

PrEP pill bottle
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Truvada pills
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Many People of Color and Women Who Should Get PrEP Don't Get It

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Antiretroviral Use, HIV Suppression Rates Vary Widely Across Europe

Hepatitis word cloud in the shape of a liver
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Newer Treatments Almost Negate HCV-Related Mortality Risk Among Coinfected People

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Sex Differences in Cognitive Impairment Are Attenuated by Reading Level

Barbara Jungwirth

Barbara Jungwirth


Barbara Jungwirth is an experienced freelance journalist, writer, and translator who has been reporting on HIV for TheBody and TheBodyPro since 2002.

Myles Helfand

Myles Helfand


Myles Helfand is the executive editor and general manager of TheBody/TheBodyPro.