Adverse Events, Comorbidities, and HIVNews

This Week in HIV Research: The Power of 10,000 Steps


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Walking Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Inflammation Among Sedentary People With HIV

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Multidisciplinary Team Issues Practical Recommendations for Increasing Physical Activity


Metabolic Syndrome Prevalence Similar in Transwomen, Cis Men

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Women With HIV at Greater Risk of Failing Treatment for Precancerous Cervical Lesions

Barbara Jungwirth

Barbara Jungwirth


Barbara Jungwirth is an experienced freelance journalist, writer, and translator who has been reporting on HIV for TheBody and TheBodyPro since 2002.

Myles Helfand

Myles Helfand


Myles Helfand is the executive editor and general manager of TheBody/TheBodyPro.