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This Week in HIV Research: Much Ado About Lipids

Prescription medicine bottles on lipid blood test report
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Fatty liver degeneration under microscope
Fatty liver degeneration under microscopejxfzsy via iStock

Tesamorelin May Be Useful for Fatty Liver Disease in PLWH

man taking pill
Igor Vershinsky via iStock

Lipid Changes After Switching From TDF to TAF Are Reversible

Kidney ultrasound showing renal function
Kidney ultrasound showing renal functionmr.suphachai praserdumrongchai via iStock

Statin Use Has Limited Effect on Kidney Function

Statin Tablets
rogerashford via iStock

Statins Do Not Affect HIV Persistence Among Virally Suppressed

Barbara Jungwirth

Barbara Jungwirth


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Myles Helfand


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