Adverse Events, Comorbidities, and HIVNews

This Week in HIV Research: If I Could Turn Back Ossein

human skeleton posed in thinking position
Mathew Schwartz via Unsplash

Osteoporosis on the spine - 3d rendering
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Single-Dose Zoledronic Acid May Prevent Bone Loss

nurse giving senior man bone density test on spine
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TDF to TAF Switch Improves Bone Density Among Older Men

CT angiography of lower limb...Peripheral artery occlusive disease
CT angiography of lower limb with peripheral artery occlusive diseasechoja via iStock

Among Women, Peripheral Artery Disease Is Tied to CVD Risk, Not HIV

brain firing in black and white
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Motor Dysfunction Associated With Cognitive Problems in PLWH

Barbara Jungwirth

Barbara Jungwirth


Barbara Jungwirth is an experienced freelance journalist, writer, and translator who has been reporting on HIV for TheBody and TheBodyPro since 2002.

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Myles Helfand


Myles Helfand is the executive editor and general manager of TheBody/TheBodyPro.