Matt Sharp
Older Adults (Ages 50+)

The Reunion Project Seeks to Build an HIV Research Agenda for Long-Term Survivors

Since 2015, The Reunion Project (TRP) long-term survivors connect and talk about their common experiences. Several workshops at USCA 2018 facilitated by TRP offered long-term survivors a rare opportunity voice to their experiences and feelings.

By David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Ariel Sabillon

Ariel Sabillon Is a Gay Latinx Immigrant and More Than His HIV Criminalization Case

The 23-year-old college student, originally from Honduras, is now facing an HIV criminalization charges in Florida for non-disclosure. But Sabillon is so much more than that.

By Giuli Alvarenga
Pregnant woman with pill bottle

Making Clinical Trials of PrEP More Inclusive of Women, No Matter Their Pregnancy Status

Three new trials of HIV prevention drugs seek to answer directly a question that researchers inside and outside the field of HIV have explicitly avoided for years: How do drugs work -- and are they safe -- in pregnant and breastfeeding women?

By Heather Boerner
2018 USCA stage

Solidarity of Grief: Pulse Anniversary and USCA

"USCA has returned to Orlando to stand in solidarity with those who lost a loved one at the Pulse massacre," said Paul Kawata, executive director with NMAC, which organizes the annual conference.

By Charles Sanchez
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HIV Advocates at USCA 2018 Speak Out About Pulse Orlando

Hear directly from four HIV advocates attending USCA about the importance of honoring Pulse and the impact of the attack on their community.

By Charles Sanchez
Gender-neutral restroom sign

I'm a Straight Man; I Used a Gender-Neutral Bathroom; and the Sky Didn't Fall.

Aaron Anderson writes, "Walking into a restroom where all genders were welcomed filled me with the same feeling that I had the first time I walked into a marijuana dispensary: 'Finally!'"

By Aaron Anderson
2018 USCA: Where Change Begins Img
Older Adults (Ages 50+)

2018 USCA: Where Change Begins

"Thanks to better treatment options, we are living longer healthier lives, but unfortunately people still do not have equal access to care and treatment," Vickie Lynn writes.

By Vickie Lynn
Truvada pills

PrEP as Integrated Care: Removing Barriers, Addressing Real Needs

When it comes to getting PrEP to more than just white, cisgender gay men, real talk is essential, according to Darrianne Martin, HIV prevention manager with AltaMed, an L.A.-based health center that serves primarily a Latinx population.

By Heather Boerner
Going to USCA Was My Form of Self-Care Img

Going to USCA Was My Form of Self-Care

"More than a conference, it is a family reunion and place to network and learn, but most importantly uplift each other," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project
HIV treatment as prevention poster

Getting the Word Out About HIV Treatment as Prevention at USCA 2018

A summary of a workshop at the U.S. Conference on AIDS titled "The Consensus: Communicating About HIV Treatment as Prevention (TasP)."

By Nathan Fecik, M.P.H.