Researchers on a Zoom call during an IAS 2021 press conference
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IAS 2021 Data Bites: HIV Treatment and Drugs in Development

Our quick summaries of breaking conference research include new study findings on injectable long-acting cabotegravir/rilpivirine and the latest on lenacapavir, a twice-yearly injectable medication in the pipeline.

By Larry Buhl and Myles Helfand


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HIV Increases COVID-19 Risk—but Can ART Offset It?

HIV status is a risk factor for worse COVID-19 outcomes, but it remains uncertain the extent to which antiretroviral therapy, viral load, and CD4 count can reduce that risk, according to a new flurry of research presented at IAS 2021.

By Larry Buhl
doctor checking woman's heart with stethoscope
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IAS 2021 Data Bites: Comorbidities Among People Living With HIV

The latest data on health complications among people living with HIV, including new findings on COVID-19 severity.

By Larry Buhl and Michael Broder