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Southern Success: How a Rural Ryan White Clinic Reached 90% Viral Suppression

Georgia’s Living Bridge Center has found ways to engage rural people living with HIV and retain them in care.

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Blood, Hair, or Urine? Weighing PrEP Adherence Options Beyond Self-Report

There are a number of measures determine adherence to PrEP, each with benefits and drawbacks. Currently, no one guideline or definitive standard is being used.

Bruce Richman at Adherence 2018
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U=U Offers a 'Message of Hope' for People Living With HIV -- and Providers Need to Spread the Word

Leading researchers and clinicians who influence best practices for conversations about the direct and indirect impact of HIV infection and treatment agree that communications regarding transmission must shift.

Gerald Friedland, M.D. addresses attendees at Adherence 2018
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HIV 'Providers' Aren't Just Doctors: An Interview With Gerald Friedland, M.D.

At the recent Adherence 2018 Conference, Friedland emphasized the importance of engaging providers, as well as expanding the definition of HIV providers beyond the clinical setting to include social workers, HIV test counselors, and lawyers.

Potential links between IPV and HIV care continuum
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Adherence 2018 Panel Tackles Violence and Its Impact on the HIV Care Continuum

A panel at the 13th annual International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence discussed the ways in which violence complicates health outcomes for people with HIV.

Paul Weidle, Pharm.D., M.P.H.
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Data Collection Is Revolutionizing HIV Surveillance and Care, but at the Cost of Privacy?

Providers and researchers at the Adherence 2018 Conference discussed the role of data and surveillance through several approaches and how they are being used to understand local and global epidemics, marshal resources, and mobilize stakeholders for i...