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HIVSmart! App Uses Mobile Technology to Link Self-Testing to Care and Counseling

A home-based HIV test with an app that connects people to care helps people find out their status and not disappear due to shame and self-stigma.

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Is the World Ready for Long-Acting HIV Treatment?

How can science improve on its own miracle? This is the conundrum at the heart of an ongoing conversation in HIV medicine over the future of long-acting antiretroviral therapy, or LA-ART. The promise of LA-ART lies in the freedom it can potentially offe...

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8 Keys to Facilitating HIV Epidemic Control

Excerpts from a report by the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care of the 2018 Controlling the HIV Epidemic Summit, a meeting they hosted in May 2018 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Is Ending the HIV Epidemic Possible, and If So, How? IAPAC Meeting in Geneva Takes Stock of Progress and the Road Ahead

More than 200 health care providers, researchers, and advocates gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, from across the globe to discuss progress and challenges in turning the tide on the HIV epidemic across the globe at the "Controlling the Epidemic" Summi...