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This Week in HIV Research: HIV Is Not an Obstacle

April 11, 2019: acute syphilis and virologic control; neuropsychological performance after switching off efavirenz; structural LGBTQ stigma and HIV criminalization in U.S. states; lung cancer resection surgery in people with HIV.

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Lessons for Infectious Disease Doctors: Treating HIV, Pain, and Mental Illness

A staggering 60% of patients with HIV experience chronic pain compared with only 11% of the general population, according to Robert Bruce, M.D., M.A., M.Sc., who presented the latest research on pain and HIV at IDWeek 2018.

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This Week in HIV Research: Food, It Does a Body Good

How food insecurity feeds inflammation; racial disparities in HPV16 prevalence; how HIV meds affect pre-existing neurocognitive impairment; central nervous system inflammation in the setting of HIV treatment success.

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Study Suggests That Understanding Chronic Pain Can Help Patients Manage It Better

As the opioid epidemic has taken root all over the country and helped fuel hepatitis C rates, new, nonaddictive methods for helping people cope with chronic pain are much needed. Cognitive behavior therapy techniques may help people get a grip on the...

Stigma and Empty Wallets Make HIV Positive People Carry on Despite Pain Img

Stigma and Empty Wallets Make HIV Positive People Carry on Despite Pain

Up to three quarters of people living with HIV suffer from pain. The Conversation Africa spoke to Antonia Wadley about research that measured activity and resilience among people living with HIV and pain.

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Exercise and the Brain

Is there a link between exercising regularly and good brain function for people living with HIV?

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Exercise Helps With Better Brain Functioning in HIV-Infected Adults

A study by Dr. David J. Moore and colleagues of the University of California, San Diego, found that regular exercise can help preserve the mental functioning of people with HIV infection. In spite of antiretroviral drug treatment, approximately half ...

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Exercise Can Improve Mental Health for People Living With HIV

What's the link between bodily health and mental health? For those living with HIV, improving the body can have excellent benefits for the mind.

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Exercise Found to Improve Memory

Regular aerobic exercise -- such as cycling, jogging, running, swimming and playing sports -- has many benefits, including strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining a healthy weight and improving mood.

Experiments with mice have found tha...

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Somatic Symptoms: Mental Health Approach and Differential Diagnosis

Table of Contents

Introduction 2. Screening for Somatic Symptoms 3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Management 4. Insomnia

1.  Assessment and Diagnosis
2.  [Management