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Raltegravir Not Linked to Birth Defects, Study Shows

Amidst uncertainty regarding the safety of some integrase inhibitors during pregnancy, a study shows that an older integrase inhibitor may be a good option for those with HIV who intend to give birth.

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Best Practices for Most Vulnerable Populations: Transgender People, Adolescents, and the Recently Incarcerated

"As we think about the care cascade, we can't even test people [for HIV] to diagnose them if we can't get them in the door to a health care setting," one clinician said.

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Gilead Announced It Will Donate 2.4 Million Bottles of Truvada for PrEP. Here's How It Will Work.

Gilead Sciences is working with the federal government to roll out its pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) donation program. Here, we detail what we know so far about how this will be implemented.

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The HIV Workforce Is in Trouble. Here Are Three Solutions to Address the Shortage of Providers.

If everyone living with HIV gets into care, do we have enough providers to support them? HIV doctors are proposing policy changes to address the workforce shortage.

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A Review of Late-Stage HIV Antiretroviral Candidates at IDWeek 2017

Highlights of major findings on new antiretroviral therapies, including data on long-acting injectable solutions and new combination treatments packed into a single pill.

Joseph Eron Jr., M.D.

If at First an HIV Viral Load Blips, Test, Test (the Same Sample) Again

If an HIV-positive patient's viral load test results come back between 50 copies/mL and 200 copies/mL, consider retesting the same blood sample, Joseph Eron Jr., M.D., recommends. New study results suggest that the retest results may alter a clinicia...

Gretchen Volpe, M.D., M.P.H.

Over Time, High-Dose Omega-3 May Improve Some Cardiovascular Measures in People With HIV

High-dose, long-term omega-3 supplementation appears to yield improved triglycerides and C-reactive protein levels among HIV-positive people who have elevated triglycerides, but only after more than a year of use, a new study has found.

CD4 Nadir Not a Predictor of Pneumonia After Starting HIV Treatment, Study Finds Img

CD4 Nadir Not a Predictor of Pneumonia After Starting HIV Treatment, Study Finds

People with HIV face an increased pneumonia risk even after they've started HIV treatment. However, a recent study suggests that risk isn't affected by how suppressed the immune system was prior to starting treatment.