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Viral Reservoir Can Explain Persistent Low Level Viremia With Good Adherence on ART

A CROI 2019 study suggests the dynamics of HIV proliferation in the viral reservoir might explain why viral load sometimes fails to become undetectable, especially when adherence is good.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

M184V Mutation Associated With Increased Risk of Viral Blip but Not Viral Failure With 3TC-Based Dual Therapy

A retrospective analysis presented at CROI 2018 looked at risk of viral rebound in people who switched to lamivudine (Epivir, 3TC)-based dual antiretroviral therapy.

By Satyajit Das for HIV i-Base

In Their Words: Burdens of HIV Nursing Include Lack of Respect and Resources

At the 2017 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) conference, nurses gathered in Dallas to talk about juggling the medical complexities of HIV infection, managing their patients’ additional comorbid conditions, and providing emotional support.

By Sony Salzman

Starting in the HIV Field? Here's Advice From People Who've Been There

What’s the best way to begin working in HIV without feeling lost or alone? We asked several community leaders to give advice to people who are newly entering the field.

By Kenyon Farrow

'Caring at Its Essence': HIV Nurses Recall Pivotal Moments With Patients

At the 2017 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) conference, we asked HIV nurses to share a moment in which their unique perspective made a big difference in the care of a particular patient.

By Sony Salzman

A Review of Late-Stage HIV Antiretroviral Candidates at IDWeek 2017

Highlights of major findings on new antiretroviral therapies, including data on long-acting injectable solutions and new combination treatments packed into a single pill.

By Sony Salzman

How to Reverse Implicit Bias in HIV Care: 6 Steps to Take Today

We caught up with speakers and presenters at a major HIV community meeting to learn how HIV care providers can uncover and remove the harm of bias in their work.

By Olivia G. Ford

This Week in HIV Research: Injectable PrEP Shows Promise in New Study

This week, a study finds that injectable cabotegravir, an investigational integrase inhibitor, is well tolerated and shows promise as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

By Warren Tong and Barbara Jungwirth

'Stop Describing, Start Intervening': Can the CDC's New Viral Load Data Help Guide HIV Programs?

"Overall, we saw improvements for the whole population, suggesting that the efforts to test [and] diagnose HIV infection sooner, start [antiretroviral] treatment earlier and help patients be retained in care and adherent to their treatment are workin...

By Heather Boerner

Higher Baseline Viral Load and Black Race Predict Severe Weight Gain on HIV Treatment

Among people starting their first antiretroviral therapy regimen, more advanced HIV disease and black race independently predicted severe weight gain through 96 weeks of follow-up.

By Mark Mascolini