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David Alain Wohl recaps CROI 2021 research during a video interview

CROI 2021 Highlights: New HIV Research With Clinical Impact

Here's a walkthrough of some of the most compelling stories coming out of the year's biggest HIV science meeting to date.

By Myles Helfand
clinical trial

Clinical Trial Data Needs to Reflect the Demographics of HIV, Say Activists

A recent analysis conducted by the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition revealed that, among HIV drug trial participants, data specific to race and sex were dramatically underreported.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Long-Acting ART Is Here. How Do We Make It Work for Our Patients?

Injectable HIV interventions are a game-changing new option for people dealing with pill fatigue, but there are implementation challenges for clinicians to consider.

By Larry Buhl
photo of David Alain Wohl, M.D., as he recaps research from CROI 2021

Sleep and Diet: Don’t Underestimate Their Importance for People Living With HIV

David Alain Wohl, M.D., on new findings from CROI 2021 that help us better understand the connections between sleep, diet, and quality of life among people living with HIV.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.

Anal Cancer Screening Must Include Women Living With HIV, Researchers Say

The incidence of anal cancer is rapidly growing in the United States, and may overtake cervical cancer within the next 10 years.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
CROI 2021 virtual oral abstract session featuring speakers in tiny video boxes

CROI 2021 Data Bites: HIV Treatment and the Care Continuum

Our bite-sized study summaries include new research on antiretrovirals in development, trends in antiretroviral initiation speed and viral suppression rates in the U.S., and the link between gender-affirming surgery and an undetectable viral load.

By Myles Helfand and Larry Buhl
Screenshot from CROI 2021 oral abstract session on complications of HIV and COVID-19

CROI 2021 Data Bites: HIV and COVID-19

There's new research on the risk of severe COVID-19 among people living with HIV, as well as prevention and treatment options.

By Larry Buhl and Myles Helfand
part of the poster exhibition area during CROI 2018

Major Conference on HIV and COVID-19 Under Fire for Putting Science Behind Paywall

For the first time, the influential annual CROI was going to postpone making its ample data available to the public. But the global HIV community swiftly protested.

By Tim Murphy
Screenshot from CROI 2021 oral abstract session on HIV complications

CROI 2021 Data Bites: HIV-Related Complications and Comorbidities

Newly reported research includes deep dives into many health issues commonly experienced by people living with HIV, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression/anxiety, and metabolic disorders.

By Myles Helfand and Larry Buhl
CROI 2019

New COVID-19 Research and HIV Intervention Breakthroughs Are on the Menu at CROI 2021

Arriving on the one-year anniversary of nationwide COVID-19 shutdowns, the 2021 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections won't be in person this year—but it will emphasize COVID-19 alongside important HIV prevention and treatment updates.

By Larry Buhl