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Making Clinical Trials of PrEP More Inclusive of Women, No Matter Their Pregnancy Status

Three new trials of HIV prevention drugs seek to answer directly a question that researchers inside and outside the field of HIV have explicitly avoided for years: How do drugs work -- and are they safe -- in pregnant and breastfeeding women?

By Heather Boerner

Reported 'PrEP Failure' in Thailand May Be a Result of Missing Acute HIV Infection: Here's What You Need to Know

The Infectious Diseases Society of America reported on June 29, 2018, that a new HIV acquisition had been found in a person using pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

By Damon L. Jacobs, L.M.F.T.

State-Level PrEP Utilization Data Now Available From AIDSVu

The new maps from AIDSVu show more than 77,000 people were prescribed PrEP in 2016, with an average 73 percent increase year over year in persons using PrEP across the U.S. from 2012.


Let's Advance the Conversation Among Black Women on HIV and PrEP

With black women at far greater risk for HIV than women of any other race or ethnicity, health organizations should think more creatively about how to bring them HIV and PrEP information.

By Candace Y.A. Montague

PrEP and Pleasure: We Need More Holistic Sexual Health Conversations

It's time that patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies and the public health community have honest and difficult conversations about condoms, PrEP and bodily pleasure.

By Preston Mitchum

Thai HIV Advocates Drop the PrEP Ball

A long-time advocate for community engagement in HIV research in Thailand argues in favor of PrEP in Thailand.

By Udom Likhitwonnawut for AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

Women and PrEP: 5 Important Facts

HIV impacts women differently, and women need innovative HIV prevention methods.

By Molly Bannerman, M.S.W., R.S.W. for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Young Gay Men of Color Find PrEP Acceptable, but Struggle With Adherence

A recent study, published this month in JAIDS, gives insight into the challenges of PrEP uptake by young gay men of color.


In the Sessions and Hallways at the PrEP Summit, I Saw the Hope and Challenges of HIV Prevention Today

Keiko Lane, M.F.T., finds herself connecting over the pain of losing so many to AIDS, even as she shares today's HIV prevention options with a gay, immigrant hotel worker in a serodiscordant relationship.

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

Rings and Things: Other Ways to Prevent HIV Are on the Cards

Linda-Gail Bekker provides an overview of the new frontiers in HIV prevention.

By Linda-Gail Bekker for The Conversation