Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Are Urgent Care Centers Prescribing PrEP? Researchers Explore the Answer

A new CDC study suggests that many urgent care centers in the U.S. still need to be made aware of pre-exposure prophylaxis and how to provide it.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

PrEP Use Is Correlated With an Increase in STIs, JAMA Study Finds

However, a number of leading clinicians argue that the results should not deter care providers from prescribing PrEP for patients who are most at risk for HIV.

By Sony Salzman

PrEP Use Doesn't Increase STIs Among Black MSM, New Study Shows

Some have expressed concern that, as PrEP use increases in the U.S., so will the transmission of other STIs. A new study pushes back against that worry.

By Stephen Hicks

HIV Providers and Advocates Continue to Debate STI Rates in the Era of PrEP and U=U

In an era of HIV biomedical prevention and undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U), the primacy of condom use has changed, but the need to consider approaches to decrease STIs has not.

By Ace Robinson

High Rates of Anal HPV Infection in Gay Men Using PrEP in IPERGAY: The Role of Vaccination

A substudy of the high-profile French PrEP study IPERGAY has reported alarmingly high rates of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in HIV-negative gay men.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

U.S. Simulation Explores the Intersection of PrEP and Some Sexually Transmitted Infections

To gain a better understanding of the long-term effects of STI risk among PrEP users, researchers have developed a sophisticated computer simulation that can model changes in sexual behavior, PrEP adherence, STI screening and treatment and the impact...

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

What's Up With PrEP and STIs?

Critics have been warning since the concept of oral PrEP was in its infancy that it would lead to major increases in condomless sex among users and a corresponding dramatic spike in STIs. So far, the data has been inconclusive.

By Project Inform

Should There Be More Frequent STI Screening for People on PrEP?

"Current CDC guidelines may miss a significant number of asymptomatic STIs among PrEP users," researchers concluded, suggesting that STI screening may be warranted at each three-monthly visit.

By Liz Highleyman for BETA

We Aren't the Sex Police: What PrEP Providers Say About Condoms and STIs

How do providers, who see clients every three months for sexual health screenings and STI testing, talk to their clients about condom use, STIs and navigating the complicated landscape of safer sex?

By Emily Newman for BETA