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David Alain Wohl recaps CROI 2021 research during a video interview

CROI 2021 Highlights: New HIV Research With Clinical Impact

Here's a walkthrough of some of the most compelling stories coming out of the year's biggest HIV science meeting to date.

By Myles Helfand
American teens

This Week in HIV Research: We Need to Better Serve Our Teens

April 8, 2021: PrEP “contemplation” and uptake among adolescents; adolescent perception of HIV risk; HIV diagnosis rates among transgender people; PrEP and HIV incidence in Scotland.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand
photo of David Alain Wohl, M.D., as he recaps research from CROI 2021

As CROI 2021 Attests, the PrEP Revolution Is Coming

Analysis from David Alain Wohl, M.D., on new research in on HIV prevention, especially in areas that will expand and transform PrEP options.

By David Alain Wohl, M.D.

Long-Acting ART Is Here. How Do We Make It Work for Our Patients?

Injectable HIV interventions are a game-changing new option for people dealing with pill fatigue, but there are implementation challenges for clinicians to consider.

By Larry Buhl
The main entrance to Grady Health System in downtown Atlanta, Georgia

How Can Clinics Become Safer Places for Transgender Women to Access PrEP?

Researchers recommend PrEP programs be linked to a gender-affirming care clinic, to build trust and retain patients in care.

By Mathew Rodriguez
injection vials

Long-Acting HIV Treatment and PrEP Pipeline Update: So Many Formulations!

CROI 2021 featured new research on a host of long-acting antiretrovirals in development, including less-frequent treatment injections, a weekly pill for HIV treatment, injectable PrEP, vaginal PrEP rings, and PrEP implants.

By Larry Buhl

This Week in HIV Research: Under One Roof

March 18, 2021: Improving viral suppression among PLWH experiencing homelessness; co-located PrEP services for trans women; subsidized health care and PrEP uptake; Heplisav-B hepatitis B vaccine efficacy in PLWH.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand
Researchers on a Zoom meeting during a CROI 2021 press conference

CROI 2021 Data Bites: HIV Prevention and Epidemiology

From new forms of PrEP to new data on HIV in the U.S., CROI 2021 has plenty of developments to report when it comes to preventing HIV and better understanding the drivers of the modern epidemic.

By Myles Helfand and Larry Buhl
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This Week in HIV Research: The Unsung Opportunities of Long-Acting Antiretrovirals

March 4, 2021: Improving care for PLWH in transition from incarceration; long-acting PrEP's potential in Black and Latinx communities; comorbidity rates and COVID-19 risk among PLWH; how COVID lockdowns affect the HIV epidemic.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand
women arm-in-arm

Among Women in the U.S., Race and Place Play an Outsized Role in New HIV Infections

Beyond the big-picture improvements, a closer look at the data reveals stark racial and geographic disparities in HIV incidence and prevalence.

By Ginger Skinner