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Gilead Announced It Will Donate 2.4 Million Bottles of Truvada for PrEP. Here's How It Will Work.

Gilead Sciences is working with the federal government to roll out its pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) donation program. Here, we detail what we know so far about how this will be implemented.

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Black Women in Atlanta Need More PrEP Access. Researchers and Advocates Are Working to Make This a Reality.

While most pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) campaigns focus on gay and bisexual men, Fulton County Board of Health officials and advocates look for solutions to get PrEP to black women.

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Grindr Users Take PrEP More and Have Lower HIV Rates, but Have Higher Rate of STIs Than Men Not on the App

Gay and bisexual men who used Grindr were having more sex acts associated with increased risk, but were more likely to use PrEP or be open to it, which translated to lower HIV incidence.

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PrEP Prescriptions Rise Sharply, but Unequally, in New York City

In New York City, the number of people taking PrEP has skyrocketed in recent years -- yet prescriptions are more likely to be written for affluent white men than others, research finds.

Attendees discuss a poster presentation at IDWeek 2017 (Credit: Infectious Diseases Society of America)

Ignorance About PrEP Is Common Among Health Care Providers, Studies Suggest

Several PrEP studies presented at IDWeek focused on the need for better education among clinicians and medical students regarding not only how PrEP works and whom it can benefit but also that it even exists as an HIV prevention option.

High Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Spur Condom Debate Img

High Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Spur Condom Debate

At the recent IDWeek 2016 conference in New Orleans, researchers presented data to try and answer the question: What's causing the rising STI rates among gay and bisexual men over the past several years?

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Uncertainty About PrEP Persists Among Physicians in the United States

A large proportion of physicians in the U.S. still don't know how they feel about the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), according to a study presented at IDWeek 2014. The study concluded that programs should be developed to train providers pri...

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What 2014 Development Has the Biggest Impact on HIV Care?

Each year we see new developments in HIV that improve the lives of those living with the disease and make it easier for providers to care for patients. We asked some of the leading experts what development this year they thought would have the biggest …

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HIV Drug Development Pipeline Update, Fall 2014 Edition

HIV treatment remains far from perfect, and there are still seats at the table available for improved antiretrovirals. Paul Sax, M.D., provides an update on several of the most noteworthy candidates currently in development.