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To Increase Access to HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, New York State Updated Its Guidelines for Clinicians

If you’re a provider in or outside the state, you’ll want to read these new guidelines.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
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No-BS Basics on HIV Prevention

Thanks to decades of extensive scientific research, we now have extremely reliable ways to prevent HIV transmission. Here’s a breakdown of the tools you can use to prevent HIV.

By Sony Salzman and Myles Helfand
Johanne Morne and Dr. Oni Blackstock

Ending the HIV Epidemic Is a Team Effort. The New York City and State Health Departments Discuss Their Combined Work

Johanne Morne, M.S., and Oni Blackstock, M.D., sat down with TheBody to discuss their successes and their work to close the disparities gap.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
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What Needs to Happen Before California Pharmacies Can Sell PrEP and PEP Without an Initial Prescription

Pharmacists will increasingly play a role in pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) access in California.

By Larry Buhl
Michael Cruz and Dr. Emma Kaplan-Lewis
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Hotline Bling: New York City's Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Call Service Takes Off

Plans to expand the program to the entire state are underway.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
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This Week in HIV Research: Cracking the Contraception Conundrum

July 11, 2019: Seroconversion while on long-acting contraceptives; cardiovascular risk in people with HIV; suboptimal testing in high-prevalence U.S. areas; E/C/F/TAF may be suitable for PEP.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand
Fleur De Kine
News Analysis

New Campaign, Toolkit Gets Providers PrEP'd for Women

New York City aims to expand PrEP and PEP access by educating more clinicians that serve women.

By Kenyon Farrow
Allison Glaser, M.D.

New York City's Hotline for HIV Exposure a Success, Study Finds

A dial-in hotline program in New York City has helped qualified patients access post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) at their local pharmacies, raising the possibility that remote screening methods could be an important way to bolster PEP use.

By Sony Salzman
Why Caring for People With HIV Is Still Great Img

Why Caring for People With HIV Is Still Great

"I truly believe that HIV care remains an extraordinarily gratifying aspect of ID clinical practice," Paul Sax, M.D., writes. "Which is why it’s critical that ID doctors continue to do it."

By Paul E. Sax, M.D. for NEJM Journal Watch
Study Finds High Burden of Psychosocial Issues Among PEP Users Img

Study Finds High Burden of Psychosocial Issues Among PEP Users

Researchers examining issues facing post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) users found that 74% of study participants had at least one psychosocial issue, including depression and/or problematic drug or alcohol use.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange