Meeting the Costs of HIV Care

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Insurers and Pharmas Must Help Fix HIV Drug Pricing System, Advocates Say

The Fair Pricing Coalition is working with pharmaceutical companies to ensure fair prices for new HIV drugs on par with those of older medications.

By Barbara Jungwirth

Separate and Unequal Access Frames Discussion at CROI Panel on U.S. HIV Care Cascade

The lack of Medicaid expansion in the South is creating worse racial disparities in the U.S., according to researchers and medical providers discussing the HIV care cascade at CROI 2018.

By Kenyon Farrow

Ending the Epidemic Without Medicaid Expansion?

With Louisiana being the only state in the Deep South that has expanded Medicaid to date, are "End the Epidemic" strategies realistic in the southern U.S.?

By Jeremiah Johnson and Kenyon Farrow for Treatment Action Group

Qualifying for Social Security Benefits With HIV or AIDS

If you are living with HIV or AIDS in the U.S., you might be eligible for financial aid. The Social Security Administration offers monthly disability benefits for people in need.

By Deanna Power for AIDS United

$1 Million in Funding to Help HIV Organizations Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Announced at USCA

Donated by Gilead Sciences, the $1 million fund to help HIV organizations impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma was announced at the opening of the 21st annual U.S. Conference on AIDS in Washington, D.C.

By AIDS United

Kids With Hepatitis C Get New Drugs and Coverage May Prove Easier Than for Adults

With the approval this month of two drugs to treat hepatitis C in children, these often overlooked victims of the opioid epidemic have a better chance at a cure.

By Michelle Andrews for Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

ACA's Medicaid Expansion Significantly Increased Coverage and Clinical Outcomes for People With HIV

Due to the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in just two years the proportion of people living with HIV in care covered by Medicaid increased from 36% to 42% and the proportion that were uninsured fell from 18% to 14%.

By Roger Pebody

Essential Elements of a Revised National Health Care Policy for LGBT People and People Living With HIV

A new policy brief outlines the essential elements of a revised national health insurance strategy to ensure that LGBT people and people living with HIV have broad access to health insurance.

By The Fenway Institute

The Need to Advocate for Fair HIV Drug Prices

"Drug prices are too high and your access to your drugs is in danger. So, wake up and get ready!" says Lynda Dee of the Fair Pricing Coalition.

By Barbara Jungwirth

Purple Maze: The Dismaying State of Health Insurance, Even in a Healthy State

"Insurance problems abound that relentlessly devour staff time and energy and threaten the health of our patients," Keith Henry, M.D., writes.

By Keith Henry, M.D.