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depressed man

COVID-19 and Mental Health: “People Who Had Anxiety and Depression Before—It’s Worse Now”

For mental health providers treating LGBTQ people—youth in particular—the past 18 months have brought new challenges into clear focus.

By Larry Buhl
emergency room

HIV Screening in the ER Can Speed Linkage to Care, but Is It Feasible?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a Chicago hospital offered HIV screenings in the emergency room. Can such measures adequately address gaps along the continuum of care?

By Dali Adekunle
doctor desk

Long-Acting ART Rollout: 3 Considerations for Clinicians

Four months after the approval of cabotegravir/rilpivirine, medical providers still face some tough questions about who might best benefit and how the medication might be covered.

By Larry Buhl
minority stress theory

Why All HIV Care Must Be Trauma-Informed Care

Giving good HIV care means taking into account the many marginalize identities patients can hold. And, being marginalized often comes with a lot of trauma.

By Chase Alston
Amanda Lugg credit African Services Committee

Here’s How HIV Service Agencies Nationwide Are Adapting to the Coronavirus Crisis

Replacing group meetings and public outreach with telehealth consults, Zoom meet-ups, and food/med curbside deliveries are all part of the solutions.

By Tim Murphy
Money Trail: Some Guidance for the Journey Img

In the Golden Age of the Hep C Cure, Discount Deals Tie Doctors' Hands

Who has the power to prescribe medications? In the ongoing struggle to cure the estimated 3.2 million people living with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the U.S., the answer may not be who you think.

By Mathew Rodriguez