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Long-Acting HIV Treatment Is Coming. Our Health Care System Needs to Prepare Img

Long-Acting HIV Treatment Is Coming. Our Health Care System Needs to Prepare

Providers, payers, and health systems need to catch up, said Melanie Thompson, M.D., at the ACTHIV conference.

Pregnant woman with pill bottle

Making Clinical Trials of PrEP More Inclusive of Women, No Matter Their Pregnancy Status

Three new trials of HIV prevention drugs seek to answer directly a question that researchers inside and outside the field of HIV have explicitly avoided for years: How do drugs work -- and are they safe -- in pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Katherine Bar, M.D.; Jonathan Li, M.D.; Davey Smith, M.D., M.A.S.

Strategies for a Cure

Three researchers talk about ongoing HIV cure research within the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, treatment interruptions, and when we might see a cure.

One on One With Sharon Lewin Img

One on One With Sharon Lewin

The noted HIV researcher reflects on recent advances, the search for a cure, and the long road ahead.

Lab Chat: An Interview With Dr. Shomyseh Sanjabi Img

Lab Chat: An Interview With Dr. Shomyseh Sanjabi

Sanjabi talks about her early interest in science, her innovative research toward an HIV cure, and the importance of mentoring early career investigators.

Paul Sax, M.D.

Top HIV Researcher Hails a Resurgent Antiretroviral Pipeline

Paul Sax, M.D., discusses the clinical importance of new drugs in development highlighted at CROI 2017 -- and about what else is on the near horizon when it comes to antiretroviral therapies for HIV.

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A Legacy of Mistrust: Research and People of Color

Clinical trials (the study of new treatments in people) are critical if we are ever to find better ways to treat HIV, and, eventually, a cure. Unfortunately, people of color, women, and IV drug users have been under-represented in these trials for ma...

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A Long Road Traveled: Conflicts, Community and Clinical Trials

The historical record of progress in AIDS research lies not only in the medical literature, but also in the community-produced clinical trial directories that have tracked experimental protocols as they opened and closed over the years. Studies of fa...

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It's Time for New Leadership at the AACTG

The U.S. government's premier clinical trials group for studying HIV therapies is adrift. The HIV Research Agenda Committee (HIV RAC) of the Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group (AACTG) sees its mission as performing small, scientifically challenging stu...