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Long-Acting HIV Treatment Is Coming. Our Health Care System Needs to Prepare

Providers, payers, and health systems need to catch up, said Melanie Thompson, M.D., at the ACTHIV conference.

By Kenyon Farrow

What You Need to Know About the Second Person Likely Cured of HIV

Richard Jefferys, an expert in HIV cure research, spoke to TheBodyPro about this new case of HIV remission -- and the danger in rushing to publish these stories, especially for people who live with stigma.

By Kenyon Farrow

New Cancer Drugs Might Help Treat HIV -- But Research Not Done

A new class of cancer drugs -- topoisomerase inhibitors -- is now in use in the United States for treating certain cancers. But despite laboratory studies and other reason to believe that these drugs might also work as antiretrovirals, they have neve...

By John S. James for AIDS Treatment News