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Potent Antiretroviral Effect Seen With the Integrase Inhibitor MK-0518 as Part of Combination ART in Treatment-Naive, HIV-1-Infected Patients

Integrase is an HIV enzyme that allows the HIV virus to insert its genetic material into the DNA of human T cells. HIV integrase inhibition is a new mechanism of viral inhibition that blocks this step in the life cycle of HIV, thus preventing HIV fro...

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Aplaviroc's Potency Against HIV Is Linked to Its Slow Dissociation From the CCR5 Receptor

Despite the decision by GlaxoSmithKline (Glaxo) to halt further clinical study of aplaviroc (GSK873140) in treatment-naive patients due to reports of hepatotoxicity in phase 2 trials, research on this and other CCR5 antagonists continues with the hop...

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Brecanavir Shows Favorable Pharmacokinetics When Combined With Select PIs in Double-Boosted Regimens

Brecanavir (BCV, GW640385) is a new protease inhibitor (PI) in phase 2b clinical development by GlaxoSmithKline (Glaxo). It has shown powerful antiviral activity against both wild-type and highly drug-resistant HIV. One of its main attributes is that...