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Once-Daily '572 as Part of Initial Therapy for HIV

The investigational integrase inhibitor '572 can be taken once daily and does not need to be boosted with ritonavir (Norvir) or any other drug. '572 is being tested as part of the initial therapy for HIV infection in several hundred people in a trial...

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Integrase Inhibitor '572 Tested Against Raltegravir-Resistant HIV

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has licensed an anti-HIV integrase inhibitor discovered by the Shionogi Corporation in Japan. Because of these arrangements, this drug has the complex code name S/GSK1349572 and for now is increasingly referred to simply as '572...

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Philadelphia Inquirer Reflects on HIV/AIDS Researchers, Advocates' Cautious Optimism About Future Fight Against HIV/AIDS

The Philadelphia Inquirer examines how recent scientific discoveries -- some of which were presented at the International AIDS Conference -- AIDS 2010 -- have HIV/AIDS experts and advocates feeling "optimistic about the possibility of finding a cure ...

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Is There a Cure for AIDS? Forum Lifts a Taboo

Connecting at the 18th International AIDS Conference this week in Vienna are about 200 researchers who want to resurrect the search for a definitive AIDS cure. Convened by 2008 Nobel laureate Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, attendees are mapping out a rese...

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International AIDS Conference Day 5: Updates From Vienna With Carl Dieffenbach -- A Blog Entry From Positive Policy

This article was cross-posted from the blog. Dr. Ron Valdiserri is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Infectious Diseases, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

During the International AIDS Conference, I sat down with Carl Dief...

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AIDS 2010: Researchers Moving Toward HIV/AIDS Treatments and Cures

Functional or Sterilizing Cures Elite Controllers Clinical Trials Microbicides Nutritional Therapies Vaccine Therapy

Vienna, Austria -- At the XVIII International AIDS Conference, researchers discussed the need to create safer and more e...

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An Anti-Inflammatory Antiretroviral? CCR5/CCR2 Antagonist TBR-652 Monotherapy Study Results: A Blog Entry by Myles Helfand

Myles is the editorial director of and

When it comes to health problems in people with HIV, inflammation is the flavor of the day. In the case of TBR-652, a CCR5 inhibitor in the earliest stages of testing in humans, that...

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Optimism on AIDS Cure Before 2020

Ahead of the start of the 18th International AIDS Conference in Vienna on Sunday, renowned HIV researcher Sharon Lewin said she believes a cure for the disease will be found within five or 10 years. As head of the infectious-diseases unit at the Alfr...

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The Search for an HIV Vaccine: Where Are We, Where Are We Going, and How Can We Get There Faster?

Transcript (.pdf)

For more information on this session, including access to speaker presentations, please see the conference Programme-at-a-Glance.

This AIDS 2010 satellite features expert discussion on recent progress and future directions in HIV ...

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In HIVers With an Undetectable Viral Load, HIV Is Stopped Cold, Researcher Argues

Plenary moderator: Good morning, and first, congratulations to the award recipient, and it is my pleasure to introduce the first speaker for the plenary session this morning. Dr. Robert Siliciano is a member of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and...