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With HIV Cure Research on the Horizon, Exploring Ethical Questions in Advance

At AIDS 2016, a multidisciplinary panel of researchers discussed the ethical questions they have already attempted to answer, quandaries their explorations have revealed and common concerns and themes that are shaping the future of HIV cure studies....

By Olivia G. Ford

How Can Community Engagement Support HIV Cure Research?

What is Good Participatory Practice (GPP)? Already the gold standard of HIV prevention research, these guidelines provide blueprints for engagement with a variety of stakeholders in research design and implementation. This approach can forge pathways...

By Olivia G. Ford

What Would Motivate, or Deter, Participation in HIV Cure Research?

Knowing that participation in HIV cure research could pose health risks to participants without providing them direct benefits, a central ethical consideration in this area is what motivates participants to get involved.

Jennifer Power, Ph.D., of La...

By Olivia G. Ford

How Do We Define 'HIV Cure'?

What is a "cure," anyway? Not one presentation during this session failed to note the complicated semantic knots wrapped around the term "HIV cure" and the implications of misconceptions in securing authentic informed consent and community comprehens...

By Olivia G. Ford

Researchers, Policy Makers, Volunteers See Different Risks of HIV Cure Research

In an online survey and personal interviews, researchers, policy makers and potential trial volunteers with HIV infection underlined different perceived risks in HIV cure research.

By Mark Mascolini

Personal Clinical Benefits in HIV Cure Trials: Unlikely But Motivating

Regulators and HIV cure researchers in the United States concur that early cure studies have little chance of conferring direct clinical benefits on volunteers, according to the results of in-depth interviews.

By Mark Mascolini

Can Cancer Treatments Pave the Way to a Cure for HIV?

"There are many overlaps in HIV cure research and cancer research," Sharon Lewin, M.D., says. "In cancer you're going after these few cells that are left so the cancer won't come back and in HIV you're trying to reach the few persistent cells that ar...

By amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

Pediatric HIV Cure Studied in Infant Monkeys

On behalf of IFARA, Fred Schaich spoke with Ann Chahroudi about the pediatric HIV cure research in infant rhesus macaques that was presented at this year's International AIDS Conference and why no single cure strategy will likely be effective.

By Barbara Jungwirth

HIV Cure Research Strategies

On behalf of IFARA, Fred Schaich spoke with Fergus Cairns of aidsmap about the three basic approaches to HIV cure research presented at this year's International AIDS Conference.

By Barbara Jungwirth

Immune-Enhancing Treatment May Destabilize HIV Reservoirs

New research highlights the potential of a PD-1-blocking antibody to work synergistically with antiretroviral therapy and other therapeutic agents to improve CD8+ T-cell function and destabilize HIV reservoirs in humans.

By AIDSinfo