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The Genetic Mutation Behind the Only Apparent Cure for HIV

The HIV-resistant gene mutation CCR5 delta 32 has an interesting past. Could it also be the future of HIV treatment and prevention?

By Martha Kempner

Phase 3 Results With Dual Therapy Cabotegravir/Rilpivirine Long-Acting Injections: ATLAS and FLAIR Studies

Two oral presentations at CROI 2019 showed that dual therapy with long-acting monthly injections resulted in very low levels of virological failure with high participant preference for injections compared to oral combinations.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

What You Need to Know About the Second Person Likely Cured of HIV

Richard Jefferys, an expert in HIV cure research, spoke to TheBodyPro about this new case of HIV remission -- and the danger in rushing to publish these stories, especially for people who live with stigma.

By Kenyon Farrow

UK Patient Likely to Be the Second Person Cured of HIV: Two Further Cases at CROI 2019 of HIV Remission After Allogenic Stem Cell Transplants

The procedure used in this case was similar to that used in the only previously confirmed HIV cure case, "Berlin patient" Timothy Ray Brown, albeit with a somewhat less aggressive approach.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

Inching Towards an HIV Cure: bNAb and TLR-7 Agonist Reduce Viral Rebound Off-ART in Macaques

Results from a proof-of-principle study in macaques showing that treatment with broadly neutralising antibodies might play a role in key stages for an HIV cure.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

No HIV Evolution in Plasma or Lymph Nodes on Suppressive ART and No Impact From Further Intensification

Two studies presented at CROI 2018 support the idea that ART reaches everywhere in the body that it needs to, and that residual ongoing HIV replication comes from HIV infected cells that were archived before ART was started.

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

The Best HIV Cure Will Be Built With Us, Not Just for Us

"Without early and consistent partnership with the community in our efforts to incrementally develop a cure for HIV we may never achieve what people with HIV most hope a cure will offer them."

By Project Inform

Ibalizumab Is Effective at Reducing HIV Viral Load in People With Few Treatment Options

A study showed that a new monoclonal antibody drug called ibalizumab reduced viral loads in individuals with multi-drug resistant HIV. Adding the drug to a failing regimen may help treatment-experienced people who have few options to control their vi...

By Project Inform

Immune-Based Therapy Canakinumab Reduces Inflammatory Markers in HIV-Positive People on ART

"We believe this is one of the first immune-based therapies to show a very profound reduction in inflammatory markers in the setting of treated HIV," Priscilla Hsue, M.D. states.

By Richard Jefferys for HIV i-Base

Increased Risk of IRIS With Integrase Inhibitors Reported in Two Studies

Two cohort studies showed a higher risk of IRIS with integrase inhibitor-based ART than with other regimens.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base