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HIV Testing Is Now a Routine Part of Health Care in New York

Change in state law requires health professionals to offer voluntary HIV tests to patients 13 to 64 years old. New law also simplifies informed consent process, allowing for verbal consent in some circumstances.

Voluntary HIV testing is now part of ...

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New York: Governor Signs HIV Testing and Needle-Exchange Laws

Gov. David Paterson has signed into law two bills designed to encourage HIV testing and shield participants in needle-exchange programs (NEPs).

One law, which takes effect Sept. 1, makes HIV testing routine in all health care settings for patients a...

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Study Reveals Promise for HIV Test

In San Diego County, a program that integrated nucleic acid testing (NAT) with rapid-result HIV antibody screening helped increase the HIV case detection yield -- especially in settings that cater to high-risk individuals, a new study shows.

Of 3,15...

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Prevention Value of HIV Testing of Inmates Shown

A routine HIV screening program in Rhode Island jails detected a significant portion of the state's new infections, according to a study in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Nonetheless, the effort continues to struggle for the funding it ...

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New York: HIV Testing Bill Passes Legislature

The New York State Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill that would ease laws on HIV testing consent and counseling. The Senate passed the measure last week, so A 11487 now goes to Gov. David Patterson to be signed into law.

Under the legi...

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The Testing Debate: Is Written Consent a Barrier?

Introduction The Debate in New York Barriers To Testing Conclusion


There is a growing urgency among policy makers and public health authorities to reduce the high rates of new HIV infections in the U.S. Thousands of people who ...

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CDC Increases HIV Testing Program

CDC on Thursday announced the expansion of an initiative through which more than 1.4 million Americans have been tested for HIV. During the next three years, funding for the effort will increase by approximately $31.5 million, and a total of $142.5 m...

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Acute HIV Infection -- New York City, 2008

The following feasibility study describes a pilot surveillance and screening program to detect acute HIV infection (AHI). Diagnoses of AHI can enable recently infected persons to adopt behaviors that reduce transmission, facilitate partner referral f...

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California: Billy DeFrank Center Cutting All Paid Staff, Suspending HIV Testing

Volunteers will replace paid staff at the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center in San Jose, which is struggling with the loss of more than half of its budget. It will also suspend its HIV testing program.

"The amount of revenue coming in will support...

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AAHIVM Reaffirms Support for Routine HIV Testing, Calls Upon All Medical Providers to Perform at Least One HIV Test on National HIV Testing Day June 27

Washington, D.C. -- With the overhaul of the nation's health care system at center stage for the White House, the Congress and the country, the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), on National HIV Testing Day 2009, affirms its commitment to imp...