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University of Alabama-Birmingham Emergency Department to Screen All Patients for HIV

The University of Alabama-Birmingham and some 25 other metro-area hospitals hope to reduce the number of new HIV infections by testing all patients treated in their emergency departments. The state Department of Public Health is providing a $1.6 mill...

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The Changing Face of HIV Testing

As an AIDS service provider, I was always told that the need for written informed consent for HIV testing couldn't be stressed enough. But I also experienced first-hand the difficulty of getting clients to discuss their very personal risky behaviors....

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Changes in Ohio Law; Hurdles to HIV Testing Removed

Many doctors remain unaware of changes made to Ohio's HIV testing law in 2009, prompting the state Department of Health to issue screening guidelines this past fall.

Previously, doctors had to conduct pre-test HIV consultations and obtain separate c...

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Ohio: CDC Tries to Make HIV Testing Routine

Under a law that took effect in October, health care providers in Ohio no longer have to obtain a patient's separate, informed consent before administering an HIV test. Although such consent is no longer required, providers still must inform patients...

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HIV Testing Rates Increase Slightly in U.S., MMWR Report Finds


Background: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is a major cause of morbidity, mortality, and health-care expenditures in the United States. HIV testing and linkage to care are essential to identify persons early in their course of...

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More Black Gay and Bi Men Are HIV Positive; Most Unaware

The eye-catching signs are hard to miss in subway stations across New York City. Headline "I Love My Boo," they show young Black and Latino men "booed up," or embracing their significant other -- in this case, another young brotha or papi. The campai...

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Arkansas > AIDS HIV Testing Tour: November 11-13, 2010

The Arkansas Minority AIDS Commission and the Black AIDS Institute have partnered to present the Arkansas > AIDS HIV Testing Tour. The tour will kick-off on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at the State Fairgrounds in Texarkana, Arkansas. Free HIV Testing...

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Kansas: Physician -- HIV Test Guidelines Not Being Followed

CDC's 2006 HIV recommendation that all persons ages 13 to 64 be routinely screened for HIV in health care settings is being ignored, said Wichita physician Donna Sweet. "That was four years ago. It is one of the most widely undone [tests] and disre...

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Institute of Medicine Issues Report on HIV Screening and Access to Care: A Blog Entry by Jeffrey S. Crowley, M.P.H.

This article was cross-posted from the blog. Jeffrey S. Crowley, M.P.H., is the Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy.

Last fall, the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) commissioned the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the health ar...

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FDA: Abbott Recalls Some HIV Blood Screening Tests

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that Abbott Laboratories has recalled some HIV blood tests after customers complained of "calibration failures." Approved by FDA almost a year ago, the Prism HIV O Plus test is used by laboratory profess...