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HIV Self Testing to Become Legal in the UK From April 2014

On 15 August, the UK Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies announced that from April 2014 the rules banning HIV self testing kits will be lifted, although tests will need to comply with new regulations.1

This is likely to be the result o...

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Ohio: Philadelphia City Health Department HIV Testing Well-Received

City Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno declared that Ohio's New Philadelphia City Health District's free HIV testing program has been going extremely well. Offered since March 1, 2012, the program tested more than 125 people last year, with no one tes...

CDC Launches New HIV Testing Campaign for Latino Gay and Bisexual Men Img

CDC Launches New HIV Testing Campaign for Latino Gay and Bisexual Men

The campaign asks gay and bisexual Latinos "What's your reason?/¿Cuál es tu razón?" for getting an HIV test. It features men sharing their personal HIV testing stories.

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U.S. Poised to Normalize HIV Testing

In Canada and in most other high-income countries the cost of HIV treatment is subsidized for permanent residents and citizens. Such treatment, commonly called ART or HAART, helps to stabilize the immune system and reduces the amount of HIV in the bl...

West Virginia Advances Bill to Charge for HIV Testing Img

West Virginia Advances Bill to Charge for HIV Testing

With pressure from lessening federal funds driving their actions, the West Virginia Senate pushed forward a bill that would allow local health departments to charge individuals fees in order to receive tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted dis...

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Mississippi: Health Department STD Detectives in Harrison County Have Tricky Jobs

When an individual tests positive for HIV/AIDS or syphilis in Harrison County, Mississippi, there are four workers for the state's lower six counties, who are charged with finding and notifying partners so that they can get tested and, it is hoped, p...

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Ohio: Free Clinic Stressing HIV Testing; Opt-Out Strategy on Consent-to-Treat Form May Boost Identifications

Starting in late September, the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland will begin opt-out HIV testing for all patients. In 2006, CDC recommended all health care providers offer opt-out testing for patients ages 13-64 and all pregnant women.

In Cuy...

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Australia: HIV Test Wins Award

A CD4 test developed by researchers at Melbourne's Burnet Institute has received an international award for innovation. The test, to be manufactured by Omega Diagnostics Group, uses a blood drop from a finger-prick to track the damage caused by HIV; ...

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CDC Trying Out Free AIDS Tests at Drugstores

CDC on Tuesday announced a pilot program that will train staff at pharmacies and in-store clinics at 24 urban and rural sites to conduct free, rapid HIV testing. The goal of the $1.2 million initiative is to make HIV screening as common as a flu shot...

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The CDC Partners With Retail Pharmacies to Provide Free Rapid HIV Tests

To mark National HIV Testing Day, the CDC unveiled a program that will train pharmacists to provide free oral rapid HIV tests, which offer results after a 20-minute wait. "Our goal is to make HIV testing as routine as a blood pressure check," said Jo...