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New York City Makes Strides in HIV Diagnosis Times, More Work Ahead

Reducing the time between contracting HIV and being diagnosed and starting treatment is key to ending the epidemic, this study finds.

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Black Gay Men in the Ballroom Scene Experience a Unique Form of HIV Prevention

Though not as widely studied, there are many ways that men who belong to the gay family networks of the ballroom scene may be getting an HIV intervention.

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This Week in HIV Research: Today's Prescription Courtesy of Dr. Robot

Oct. 24, 2019: A computerized antiretroviral recommendation tool; higher Fiebig stage equals more frequent viral load blips; low prescription refill rates among Americans starting treatment; internalized stigma and HIV outcomes.

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Washington, D.C. Youth Face Barriers to HIV Prevention and Sexual Health

Young people in the nation's capital are living in the middle of some of the worst structural and systemic inequalities in America. We should be helping them out.

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HIV Testing Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men Remains 'Suboptimal,' Study Finds

Black men who have sex with men test in high numbers over a lifetime, but not frequently or recently.

Top 10 HIV/AIDS-Related Clinical Developments of 2011 Img

Top 10 HIV/AIDS-Related Clinical Developments of 2011

David Wohl, M.D., takes an in-depth look at this year's most critical HIV-related studies, and explains how each one may change how we prevent and treat HIV in 2012 and beyond. (Fair warning: This article can get pretty technical, but each story has ...

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The Effect of Peer-Driven Intervention on Rates of Screening for AIDS Clinical Trials Among African Americans and Hispanics

The study authors examined the efficacy of a peer-driven intervention to increase screening rates for AIDS clinical trials among African Americans and Hispanics with HIV/AIDS.

The intervention (six hours of structured sessions and the opportunity to...

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Study: HIV Detection Varies by Method

The odds of detecting HIV infection in African-American men vary according to the type of testing approach used, according to a new study.

CDC recently reported that men who have sex with men accounted for 61 percent of all new HIV infections in 200...

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More Black Gay and Bi Men Are HIV Positive; Most Unaware

The eye-catching signs are hard to miss in subway stations across New York City. Headline "I Love My Boo," they show young Black and Latino men "booed up," or embracing their significant other -- in this case, another young brotha or papi. The campai...

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Unique HIV Testing Program in North Carolina

Dr. Pilcher, et al. presented the updated experience with the North Carolina screening and tracing active transmission program (STAT) which was first published in JAMA (2002; 288; 216-221). A key feature of the approach is to screen HIV antibody nega...