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Ending the HIV Epidemic Will Take More Than Medicine

Our HIV research agenda has to address the world outside of a clinical trial, vaccine researcher Stephaun E. Wallace, Ph.D., argues.

By Stephaun E. Wallace, Ph.D.

Making Trans Women Count in HIV Vaccine Trials

"For us who focus on HIV prevention research, it is paramount that we go where the epidemic is in this country," said Michele Andrasik, Ph.D.

By Stephen Hicks

This Week in HIV Research: From PrEP to Treatment, There's Always More to Learn

April 18, 2019: lamivudine/raltegravir for PrEP; feminizing hormone may impact PrEP efficacy; why TAF has a better renal profile than TDF; the role of internet dating in HIV incidence trends.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand

Results of CDC-Funded Local Projects for MSM and Transgender People Unveiled at Prevention Conference

Project PrIDE demonstration studies in New York and Houston show that properly funded and well-designed outreach programs can impact a city's ability to provide better HIV services for underserved populations.

By Sony Salzman

New Study Triggers Concerns Over Use of Molecular HIV Surveillance

This study identified some information about transgender women's sexual networks in Los Angeles. But activists worry about privacy and the potential that the surveillance method will be used in HIV criminalization cases.

By Martha Kempner

HIV Prevalence Among Transgender Women Lower Than Previously Estimated, but Rates May Not Be Going Down, New CDC Study Finds

New data from CDC show that rates of HIV infection among transgender women in the U.S. are lower than previous estimates, but still, nearly 45% of black transgender women are living with HIV.

By Martha Kempner

For Transgender Women, PrEP Is Safe to Use With Estradiol as Feminizing Hormone Therapy, Study Says

The findings mark a crucial point in the history of PrEP delivery among trans women, as they offer clarity for health care providers, PrEP outreach campaigns, and trans women using estradiol as feminizing hormone therapy.

By Arjee Javellana Restar

What Are the Common HIV Transmission Pathways Among Trans Women?

Many trans women living with HIV may contract the virus because they or their sexual partners are intravenous drug users (IDU), finds a new study.

By Barbara Jungwirth

Confronting Implicit Bias to Transform Sexual Health and Medical Care

A new provider training centralizes the lived experiences of black gay and bisexual men, and transgender people. Heather Boerner takes an in-depth look.

By Heather Boerner

Truvada PrEP Appears to Work for Transgender Women, but Only if Used Consistently

The more than 300 transgender women in the pivotal iPrEx pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial had similar overall HIV infection rates whether they were randomized to take tenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada) or placebo, but those with drug levels indic...

By Liz Highleyman for