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Meth Makes an Ominous Comeback Among Gay Men Img

Meth Makes an Ominous Comeback Among Gay Men

There are many reasons why "tina" keeps roaring back as a party drug of choice for gay men of all ages in the U.S. David Fawcett, Ph.D., LCSW, brings us in for a closer look at what's going on and why -- as well as the impact meth use has on people's...

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United Kingdom: Rise of Sexually Transmitted Infections on Gay Scene Linked to Crystal Meth

Researchers report that increased use of crystal methamphetamine is driving up incidence of HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) in London. Ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine, y-butyrolactone, and speed are also widely available among MSM in London, acc...

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Substance Use, Sexual Intercourse, and Condom Nonuse Among Depressed Adolescents and Young Adults

The current study sought to "examine daily- and event-level associations of substance use with occurrence of sex and condom nonuse" among depressed, sexually active outpatients ages 15-22.

For two weeks, participants reported alcohol use, marijuana ...

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Sex Parties Among Young Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men in New York City: Attendance and Behavior

Little is known about sex party behaviors in young men who have sex with men, often defined as the 13- to 29-year-age-range. "The current analysis examines sex party attendance and behavior in a sample of 540 emergent adult gay, bisexual, and other Y...

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HPTN 058 HIV Prevention Study Among Injection Drug Users to Close Early

HPTN 058, a Phase III clinical trial evaluating whether medication combined with drug and HIV risk-reduction counseling can prevent HIV infection and death among opiate-dependent injection drug users, will cease new enrollment and begin a phased clos...

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Methamphetamine Use and Risk for HIV Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men in Eight U.S. Cities

Young MSM who use methamphetamine appear to be at high risk for HIV infection, according to the authors of this cross-sectional observational analysis of data from eight U.S. cities.

The participants, MSM ages 12 to 24, were recruited from social ve...

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Prevention Works! to Close at the End of This Month

Prevention Works!, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with drug addiction, has announced today that it will be closing its doors after 12 years of service. Prevention Works! is known for needle exchange in DC which has been a ...

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Injection Drug Use Fuels Black HIV Rates: Why Don't We Talk About It?

Mainstream media has spent very little time reporting on how injection drug use -- the No. 2 cause of HIV transmission among black women -- affects HIV rates in the African-American community. The Black AIDS Institute explores this topic by discussin...

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Under the Radar: July 21

Supplement This: New Studies Support Dietary Supplementation Among People Living With HIV/AIDS What Kind of Syringe Is Best? Nobody Puts Female Condom in the Corner

Here's a hodgepodge of underreported news coming out of IAC:

Supplement This:...

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Exchange We Can Believe In

Panelists at Congressional Syringe Exchange briefing

While the science of syringe exchange is indisputable, the politics are a little trickier. At a standing-room-only Congressional briefing Wednesday, advocates tried to convince more than 50 Congre...