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Ellen Eaton, M.D. (right), and Kelsie Dodson.

Studying HIV and STI Testing Preferences in Men Who Have Sex With Men

Our series on mentor-mentee researchers continues with Ellen Eaton, M.D., and Kelsie Dodson, with the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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This Week in HIV Research: Many Black MSM on PrEP Are Already Positive

High HIV prevalence among black MSM on PrEP; substance use reduction lessens depressive symptoms; correlations between pain symptoms and age; the impact of seroconversion and antiretroviral therapy on risk behaviors.

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This Week in HIV Research: The PrEP Sex/Race Gap

PrEP access appears far from equal in the U.S.; HIV treatment and viral suppression disparities in Europe; how today’s hepatitis C treatments affect mortality; sex-based differences in cognitive impairment.

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What Is the State of the Art in HIV Treatment and Prevention?

With several new regimens nearing late-stage trials, a new generation of HIV antiretrovirals may soon be entering the marketplace.

Allison Glaser, M.D.

New York City's Hotline for HIV Exposure a Success, Study Finds

A dial-in hotline program in New York City has helped qualified patients access post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) at their local pharmacies, raising the possibility that remote screening methods could be an important way to bolster PEP use.

HIV treatment as prevention poster

Getting the Word Out About HIV Treatment as Prevention at USCA 2018

A summary of a workshop at the U.S. Conference on AIDS titled "The Consensus: Communicating About HIV Treatment as Prevention (TasP)."

Day 2: More Conversations From 2018 USCA Img

Day 2: More Conversations From 2018 USCA

Three experts share their perspectives on treatment as prevention (TasP) at the U.S. Conference on AIDS.

Truvada pills

On-Demand PrEP Is Great. Now, What About Women?

What do on-demand PrEP advances seen in men mean for a developing a biomedical prevention agenda for women?

Anthony Fauci, M.D.

Anthony Fauci Traces the HIV Research Path to U=U

At this year's AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, Fauci detailed the scientific research that lead us on the path to the discovery that undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U).

Alison Rodger discusses PARTNER2 study findings during a press conference at AIDS 2018

Gay Men Cannot Get HIV From Partners Who Are Virally Suppressed, New Study Proves

Results from the PARTNER2 study, presented by Alison Rodger at AIDS 2018, yielded an equivalent level of confidence for gay men as it had for heterosexual couples in the original PARTNER study several years ago.