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Samuel J. Bunting

Getting PrEP to People by Training Entire Health Teams

Primary care providers need more education when it comes to PrEP, not only for them, but also for patients, who often think they need to see a specialist just to take this preventative medicine.

Conference Centre at 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019), Mexico City, Mexico

Does Descovy Really Work Better Than Truvada for PrEP? One Researcher Raises Questions About the DISCOVER Trial Results

Newly presented data from IAS 2019 spark discussion about study populations, study endpoints, and potential weight gain.

Demetre Daskalakis

In New York City, PrEP on Demand Is Now on the Menu for Men Who Have Sex With Men

On-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis may be best for people with episodic risk who cannot or would prefer not to take the pill every day.

PleasePrEPMe screenshot: St. Louis provider search

New Website Helps People Trying to Navigate Their PrEP Options

A team led by Shannon Weber, M.S.W., has developed PleasePrEPMe, an online PrEP provider search and chat service.

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Are Current PrEP Guidelines and HIV Risk-Screening Tools Accurate?

Terri Wilder, M.S.W., spoke with John Schneider, M.D., M.P.H., author of a study that examined how accurate current guidelines for identifying PrEP candidates and risk-screening tools are among a group of young Black men who have sex with men.

Man holding a wrapped condom.

Condoms and the Double Standard in Prescribing PrEP

Could a provider's personal beliefs about condom use affect their willingness to prescribe PrEP? One study surveyed U.S. medical students and found bias in terms of willingness to offer PrEP based on clinical situations.

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What Needs to Happen for PrEP to Reach All Who Need It?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is highly effective at preventing HIV, but uptake has been slow around the world. We asked providers and community leaders what they thought needed to happen for PrEP to reach everybody who needs it.

An ER Doc Discusses PEP, Emergency Medicine and Universal Health Care Img

An ER Doc Discusses PEP, Emergency Medicine and Universal Health Care

Dr. Bill jokes that he chose emergency medicine because he "wanted to know just enough to be dangerous." From his medical work to his political activism, he's out to make a difference in American health care.

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What Major HIV Research Developments Does 2014 Hold in Store?

In a field of research as rapidly evolving as HIV, new developments come fast and furious; anticipating the research that’s most likely to make waves can be a challenge. That’s why we turn to experts for their thoughts, predictions and educated guesses.