CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections)

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The Next Frontier of U=U Science

Undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U) has improved HIV prevention and tackled stigma, but there are still a few questions to answer.

By Sony Salzman

Not Surprisingly, PopART Study Showed Community-Based Services Reduce HIV Incidence

"We don't need to spend another $140 million to find out how to retain people in care," activist David Barr writes. "We need to invest in the kinds of services people need so that they can use treatment easily and effectively."

By David Barr

Drug Use May Be Increasing Syphilis Rates Among HIV-Positive Cisgender Women, Studies Show

The global increase in sexually transmitted infections was a major focus of the CROI 2019 meeting in Seattle, Washington.

By Kenyon Farrow

CROI 2019: What News to Expect in HIV Science and Policy

TheBodyPro is covering all the latest in HIV science at the biggest annual gathering of HIV researchers in the U.S. Here's a preview of what's to come.

By Sony Salzman

Efavirenz Might Decrease Effectiveness of the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

Efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin) alters hormone exposure from the vaginal ring in HIV positive women, similar or greater to that previously reported with oral hormonal contraceptives.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Retaining Patients in PrEP Care Faces Many Hurdles, Studies Show

Most people who could benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis are not accessing it, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed at this year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

By Barbara Jungwirth

CROI 2018: Research for the Front Lines

Rob Newells, executive director of the AIDS Project of the East Bay, gives his personal (U.S.-centered, black MSM-focused) highlights from CROI 2018.

By Rob Newells for AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

Really Rapid Review -- CROI 2018, Boston

“CROI clearly remains our best meeting,” writes Paul E. Sax, M.D., “the only one that brings together so much high quality research from so many disciplines.”

By Paul E. Sax, M.D. for NEJM Journal Watch

Dr. Gina Brown on Highlights of Research on Women and HIV From CROI 2018

Gina Brown, M.D., shares her reflections on some of the many research findings about HIV prevention, care, and treatment for women and girls presented at CROI 2018.


More HIV Research Highlights From CROI 2018

Three video interviews with federal HIV leaders who shared perspectives about the science coming out of the conference and its implications for HIV prevention, care, and treatment.