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Video and Written Reports for 'Beyond Blame: Challenging HIV Criminalization' at AIDS 2016 Now Available

A full-day pre-conference meeting preceding the 21st International AIDS Conference discussed progress on the global effort to combat the unjust use of criminal laws against people living with HIV.

By Olivia G. Ford for HIV Justice Network

Ready, Set, Grow! AIDS 2016

"Reflecting on my journey, AIDS 2016 in South Africa would not have happened for me, in my mind, without processing the entire experience," Waheedah Shabazz-El writes.

By Waheedah Shabazz-El for Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Leveraging Social Media for HIV/AIDS Campaigns

Sharing opinions and interacting with others while keeping engaged is an ongoing job in this digital world. Presenters at AIDS 2016 offered advice to aspiring digital HIV activists.

By David Durán

What Would an HIV Cure Mean for You?

Undoubtedly, an HIV cure would change the world, but we’re still a long way from eradicating the virus. But while we wait, we asked some HIV experts and community members what an HIV cure would mean for them, whether in their work or everyday life.

By Warren Tong

At AIDS 2016, the Global Village Rocks -- and Activists Party Without Pants

First, we stroll the eye-popping, illuminating, thought-provoking Global Village at the 2016 International AIDS Conference. Then, we take our pants off.

By Mark S. King

Global Advocacy Highlights Against HIV Criminalization Presented at AIDS 2016

At the International AIDS Conference, the HIV Justice Network and GNP+ presented highlights relating to global advocacy against HIV criminalization based on updated research from their Advancing HIV Justice 2 report.

By HIV Justice Network

HIV Criminalization Activists Take Over the Stage at Durban AIDS Conference Opening Ceremony

Watch more than 100 people with HIV, sex workers and other criminalized people take to the stage at the International AIDS Conference opening ceremony to demand an end to HIV criminalization.

By HIV Justice Network

AIDS 2016: Inside the Massive HIV Treatment Access March

Mark S. King brings us inside a massive protest through the streets of Durban, South Africa, and introduces us to activists who demand that HIV treatment is made available to people who need it, most particularly in Africa.

By Mark S. King

Activists Call for Ending Unjust HIV Criminalization

Some 200 people living with HIV, human rights activists and representatives of key populations gathered for a one-day meeting at the International AIDS Conference on challenging HIV criminalization under the title "Beyond blame: challenging HIV crimi...


AVAC Report 2016: Big Data, Real People -- The Annual State of Prevention Advocacy

AVAC's annual advocacy analysis is a a clear, succinct and actionable statement of the strengths and weakness of HIV prevention data today.

By AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention