HIV and Mental Health Care

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Q&A: Naturopathic Alternatives to Antidepressants

Question: I am an HIV positive man on HAART who has been suffering with depression for several years. My doctor wants to prescribe antidepressants, but when I tried them in the past, I had side effects, insomnia and loss of sex drive. What might be...

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Perception of Punishment Undermines Adherence

New research shows that although advances in drug therapies have made HIV a manageable illness, patients' negative attitudes about the disease may undermine treatment. Many people with HIV feel that their infection is "punishment." The report, "Predi...

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Southern U.S.

Louisiana Health Workers Challenged as AIDS Changes

HIV/AIDS in Louisiana is changing, and public health workers must change their approach to curb the epidemic, officials told local health workers at Prevention Partners, an annual statewide meeting sponsored by the Louisiana Office of Public Health's...

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Older Adults (Ages 50+)

Nursing Home Study Examines Depression Prevalence Among HIVers

Depressive disorders are common among people with HIV disease, with observed lifetime rates as high as 40-48 percent. People with HIV are approximately twice as likely to have had a recent episode of a major depressive disorder than people without HI...

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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

The Lipodystrophy Look

After years of being HIV-positive, I seem to have recently developed the "look" of having this disease. My face has lost its fullness and my cheeks have sunken into my face. Now, I feel self-conscious that everyone who looks at me can tell that I h...

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Counseling Program Found to Benefit Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients

Individual counseling and tailored drug regimens can help newly diagnosed HIV patients stick with their treatment and remain healthier over time, a University at Buffalo study has found. The study was based on counseling offered to Erie County Medica...

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Symptoms of Depressed HIV Patients Not Just Psychological

A new study published in the July issue of Journal of General and Internal Medicine (2002;17;7) suggests that physicians could be making a lethal mistake if they do not give the same credibility and treatment to depressed HIV patients that they give ...

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Psychological Issues in Patients With Primary HIV Infection

Individuals who learn they are infected with HIV -- whether chronically or acutely -- commonly experience a range of emotions including:




shame, guilt, or alienation

sadness or depression

The psychological impact of such ...

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Psychosocial Interventions in Persons With HIV-Associated Neuropsychiatric Compromise

In: A Mental Health Practicioner's Guide to the Neuropsychiatric Complications of HIV/AIDSGuilford Publications; W. Van Gorp & S. Buckingham (Eds.)©1998 Guilford Publications, Inc., 72 Spring St., NYC 10012

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