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Depression Linked to Cognitive Dysfunction in HIV-Positive Women Img

Depression Linked to Cognitive Dysfunction in HIV-Positive Women

More research is needed to understand the connections between HIV, mental health, and the neurocircuitry that controls executive function.

This Week in HIV Research: The Clinical Impacts of HIV Stigma

Internalized HIV stigma, depression, and adherence in women; what “internalized HIV stigma” actually means; tenofovir-containing gel and genital herpes prevention; the neurocognitive effects of cerebrospinal HIV escape.

This Week in HIV Research: This Is Your Brain on Stigma

The impact of stigma on cognitive performance; risk factor dissonance among young black MSM; pregnancy and the HIV care continuum; new data on pediatric raltegravir use.

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Lessons for Infectious Disease Doctors: Treating HIV, Pain, and Mental Illness

A staggering 60% of patients with HIV experience chronic pain compared with only 11% of the general population, according to Robert Bruce, M.D., M.A., M.Sc., who presented the latest research on pain and HIV at IDWeek 2018.

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Study Suggests That Understanding Chronic Pain Can Help Patients Manage It Better

As the opioid epidemic has taken root all over the country and helped fuel hepatitis C rates, new, nonaddictive methods for helping people cope with chronic pain are much needed. Cognitive behavior therapy techniques may help people get a grip on the...

Mental Health Complications of HIV Insufficiently Studied Img

Mental Health Complications of HIV Insufficiently Studied

The effect of even well-controlled HIV on the brain is not receiving enough attention. Now that people living with HIV no longer need to focus only on survival, quality-of-life issues must be addressed.

Somatic Symptoms: Mental Health Approach and Differential Diagnosis

Table of Contents Introduction 2. Screening for Somatic Symptoms 3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Management 4. [Insomnia ](/content/art59160.html?getPage=2#insomnia) 1. Assessment and Diagnosis 2. [Management ](/content/art591...

Psychiatric and Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of HIV Infection

IntroductionIntroductionOutlineMental Health and HIV Physician and Patient SurveyManifestations of CNS Effects in HIV InfectionClinical Presentation of Neuropsychiatric DisordersClinical Work-Up for CNS Disorders in HIV InfectionTreatment Interventio...

Psychosocial Interventions in Persons With HIV-Associated Neuropsychiatric Compromise

In: A Mental Health Practicioner's Guide to the Neuropsychiatric Complications of HIV/AIDSGuilford Publications; W. Van Gorp & S. Buckingham (Eds.)©1998 Guilford Publications, Inc., 72 Spring St., NYC 10012 This article is...