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This Week in HIV Research: Disparities Drive the Epidemic

April 25, 2019: stigma and viral load among African-American women; U.S. HIV incidence sans racial disparities; the care continuum is failing young MSM; a moment of reckoning regarding HIV among U.S. youth.

This Week in HIV Research: This Is Your Brain on Stigma

The impact of stigma on cognitive performance; risk factor dissonance among young black MSM; pregnancy and the HIV care continuum; new data on pediatric raltegravir use.

This Week in HIV Research: Many Black MSM on PrEP Are Already Positive

High HIV prevalence among black MSM on PrEP; substance use reduction lessens depressive symptoms; correlations between pain symptoms and age; the impact of seroconversion and antiretroviral therapy on risk behaviors.

Depression, Anxiety Tied to Imperfect Adherence in Gay Men With Newly Diagnosed HIV Img

Depression, Anxiety Tied to Imperfect Adherence in Gay Men With Newly Diagnosed HIV

Every one-unit higher depression or anxiety score independently raised odds of imperfect treatment adherence in men who have sex with men (MSM) newly diagnosed with HIV, in a Chinese study.

Sexual Minorities More Likely to Seek Mental Health Services, Study Finds

Lesbians, gays and bisexuals are twice as likely as heterosexual men and women to seek help from mental health professionals, according to a new study by the UCLA School of Public Health. The study, published today in the journal BMC Psychiatry, exa...

Gay Men Less Likely to Tell Partners of HIV Than Heterosexuals

It is difficult to identify a more charged issue in AIDS prevention than that of nondisclosure of positive HIV status to sexual partners. As of 1999, 31 states had statutes making sexual contact without disclosure a criminal offense. Public health re...