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Mental Health Complications of HIV Insufficiently Studied Img

Mental Health Complications of HIV Insufficiently Studied

The effect of even well-controlled HIV on the brain is not receiving enough attention. Now that people living with HIV no longer need to focus only on survival, quality-of-life issues must be addressed.

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What's the Most Overlooked Issue in HIV Care Today?

Even with current HIV treatment, there are still barriers to care and complications. To help identify and address these obstacles, we asked some leading HIV experts and advocates what they think is the most overlooked issue in HIV care today.

CROI 2014: How Depression Impacts HIV (Video) Img

CROI 2014: How Depression Impacts HIV (Video)

Esteban Martínez, M.D., Ph.D., and Karl Goodkin, M.D., sit down to talk about the connection between depression, control of HIV and heart failure. Overall, HIV-infected patients have a 45% lifetime risk of a depressive disorder, compared to a 4%-7% r...

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Antidepressants Can Significantly Reduce Viral Load by Improving Adherence Among Homeless or Marginally Housed Patients, Study Says

In this interview, Alexander Tsai, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the results of his study exploring the effect of antidepressant use on HIV viral load.

My name is Alexander Tsai. I'm a physician at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute at UCSF [the Univers...