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This Week in HIV Research: This Is Your Brain on Stigma

The impact of stigma on cognitive performance; risk factor dissonance among young black MSM; pregnancy and the HIV care continuum; new data on pediatric raltegravir use.

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Preventing HIV Among Young, Black Teens With Mental Illness

Bridgette Brawner, Ph.D., APRN, was recently honored for her research on heterosexually active black teens with mental illness -- a group that's under-represented in HIV prevention campaigns.

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Disclosure Among Teens Born Positive

"A study published by the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS) shows that, as with adults, disclosure of a positive HIV status to potential sex partners can be difficult for teenagers who were born HIV-positive," Enid Vázquez reports for _Positive...

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Substance Use, Sexual Intercourse, and Condom Nonuse Among Depressed Adolescents and Young Adults

The current study sought to "examine daily- and event-level associations of substance use with occurrence of sex and condom nonuse" among depressed, sexually active outpatients ages 15-22.

For two weeks, participants reported alcohol use, marijuana ...

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Anxiety/Stress Among Mothers Living With HIV: Effects on Parenting Skills and Child Outcomes

In their introduction the authors noted, "Parental HIV infection has been associated with negative outcomes for children, and parenting skills appear to be one mechanism operating in that association." The current study examines the relations between...