HIV and Mental Health Care

ANAC (Association of Nurses in AIDS Care) Conference

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Barbed wire fence layed around prison walls

Coordinating Re-Entry Care Is Essential for Incarcerated People With HIV

Re-entry planning can help prevent opioid overdose and enable people living with HIV to connect with and stay in care.

By Barbara Jungwirth
three nurses talking and looking at tablet

Stigma Was at Forefront of Annual Meeting of HIV Nurses

Nurses who care for people living with HIV wrestled with stigma around the illness at the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care conference.

By Barbara Jungwirth
Health worker holding patient's hand

Addressing Trauma Is an Essential Component of Hospital Care for People With HIV

Trauma-informed care should be implemented in all care settings, a study presented at the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care conference finds.

By Mathew Rodriguez
All Nurses Are Mental Health Nurses Img

All Nurses Are Mental Health Nurses

For HIV nurses, care often includes working with patients with mental illness and substance abuse issues.

By Sony Salzman
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At ANAC, Nurses Unpack the Importance of Emotional Intimacy in Providing High-Quality Care

Nurses spend more time with patients than any other member of the care team does, forging strong bonds that can be an asset when advocating for a patient's care, and a burden when coping with emotional fatigue and burnout.

By Sony Salzman